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Hello, Kevin. Want some good news on media diversity?

2 December 2020

1:51 PM

2 December 2020

1:51 PM

As Kevin Rudd continues on his strange search for affection and respect through Twitter tantrums demanding media diversity by attacking some of the country’s major mastheads, we thought we could bring him some good news on the subject.

Mediaweek reports on a significant change to television watching during the year — an embrace of an Australian news alternative, not just Netflix binging.

Yes, Sky News has reported its best audience share of all time across its broadcast and digital platforms in 2020.

Mediaweek says the strong audience growth “was seen in across all key Dayparts:

  • All Day (2am – 2am) up a record +43%; reaching 4 million unique viewers
  • Morning (9am-12pm) up a record +73%; reaching 2 million unique viewers
  • Daytime (9am-5pm) up a record +69%; reaching 3.3 million unique viewers
  • Primetime (6pm-10pm) up a record +36%; reaching 2.9 million unique viewers
  • Breakfast Weekdays (5am-9am) up +21%, reaching 1.2 million unique viewers.

The report continues: “Throughout the year key programs delivered strong year-on-year audience growth:

  • First Edition (Weekdays 5am – 9am) up +32%
  • AM Agenda (Weekdays 9am – 12pm) up +65%
  • NewsDay (Weekdays 12pm – 2pm) up +91%
  • Afternoon Agenda (Weekdays 2pm – 5pm) up +69%
  • The Kenny Report Weekdays 5pm – 6pm) up +59%
  • Credlin (Weeknights 6pm – 7pm) up +41%
  • The Bolt Report (Weeknights 7pm) up +32%
  • Alan Jones (Monday – Thursday 8pm) up +60%
  • Paul Murray Live (Sunday – Thursday 9pm) up +34%
  • Kenny on Media (Fridays 8pm) up +13%
  • The Front Page (Monday – Thursday 11pm) up +46%
  • Sunday Agenda (Sundays 8am) up +10%
  • Outsiders (Sundays 9am) up +60%
  • Business Weekend (Sundays 11am) up +58%

Note that leap for the sainted editor’s very own Outsiders, one of the highest? But — in the immortal words of the Demtel Man – wait, that’s not all. Mediaweek has more: “Sky News Australia reached significant milestones across its digital portfolio during 2020.

  • One billion video views across all platforms
  • #1 Australian commercial news brand on YouTube
  • #1 most engaged Australian media brand on Facebook.

Media diversity appears to be alive and well, with Australians embracing a fresh range of news and current affairs reports, analysis and comment at a time when swift and accurate dissemination has been more important than ever thanks to the coronavirus crisis.

Kevin should be delighted.


Unfortunately, this is news he doesn’t approve of, so it’s very bad indeed. Worse, his approved ABC News 24 continues to have the impact of a fart in a hurricane.

Poor Kevin. Another defeat.

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