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It’s not over

...despite fake news

12 December 2020

9:00 AM

12 December 2020

9:00 AM

From the moment he and Melania glided down the golden escalator at Trump Tower to announce his candidature, the denizens of the swamp have been determined to eliminate Donald Trump.

At his inauguration. the headline in the Washington Post blatantly stated:  ‘The campaign to impeach President Trump has begun.’

Lee Smith is a highly respected conservative Senior Fellow at Hudson Institute and former senior editor at the Weekly Standard. The documentary film, The Coup against the President, is based on his book of the same name.

Smith says Barack Obama never left Washington and is the first president to interfere in the peaceful transfer of power to his successor.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney says Obama, unlike all his predecessors, does not believe the United States is exceptional, a position common to the Left. At his inauguration, Obama referred to ‘a nagging fear that America’s decline is inevitable’. As Charles Moore wrote in 2012, Obama’s message is that American power has lessened and that America is not a special place. Obama, he said, was an advocate of America’s decline.

The only obvious consequence of that must be her replacement by communist China. According to unchallenged emails on Hunter Biden’s laptop referred to in the much-suppressed report in the New York Post, as well as corroboration by those closely involved, this could well be a result attractive to the then Vice President Joe Biden. It certainly seems consistent with what seems to be the   business plan of Biden Family Inc. which seems to be the sale of access and influence to foreign oligarchs, especially Beijing.

Biden walks in Obama’s shadow, observes Smith, an ‘avatar for a third Obama term’. Obama’s preference, he says, is far-left Kamala Harris, but she proved unelectable in the primaries. Accordingly, he maintains, Obama’s agents consolidated support behind Biden with the hope of fulfilling his 2008 plan of ‘fundamentally transforming America’, thus undoing Trump’s achievements.

In the meantime, a Grand Alliance or rather, a Grand Conspiracy has emerged to achieve this, one portrayed in the cartoon mentioned here on 28 November which showed, behind a minuscule Biden, a line of gigantic figures including ‘Big Money’, ‘Big Climate’, ‘Big Media’,  ‘Big Tech’ and ‘Big China’.

Obama‘s third term was originally to be achieved by Mrs Clinton in 2016. Notwithstanding her investment in the fraudulent Russian collusion dossier ‘believed’ by the establishment and the mainstream media without, as the Mueller investigation reluctantly demonstrated, a skerrick of evidence, Trump defeated her and could not be removed. And in the meantime, Trump was successful in making America great again, economically, militarily and diplomatically.

Then came the Wuhan virus, which seriously damaged the US economy, with the Democrats, now captured by the far Left, using the virus to justify brutal lock downs while unleashing their paramilitary Marxist arms, Black Lives Matter and Antifa, to loot and burn the cities under their control, all to blame Trump.

Realising that even the virus might not deny Trump a second term ,the Democrats launched what appears to be a long-term plan to weaken fundamental electoral safeguards, especially in the battleground states. This was sometimes achieved by breaching constitutional law, as is being argued in relation to Pennsylvania. At the time of writing, this has reached the US Supreme Court after the elected Democrat judges on the Pennsylvanian Supreme Court rejected the case by resort to a technicality. Texas is asking the Court to rule the election in four battlegound states unconstitutional. Patrick Basham, a pollster whose conclusions are unusually accurate, concludes that the election results while ‘not statistically impossible’ are ‘statistically implausible’. In my view, with evidence I have read, this is the largest electoral fraud the democratic world has ever seen, electoral fraud on an industrial scale.

What is extraordinary is the extent to which the mainstream has suppressed news unfavourable to Biden or favourable to Trump. Thus, when the New York Post published damning evidence demonstrating the long-term activities of the Biden Family Inc., the mainstream media and Big Tech ensured that news about this was suppressed.

It is not disputed that when the results on the evening of the election showed a normally irreversible landslide to Trump, counting was suspended in key battleground states and scrutineers sent away.

Nor is it disputed that during the night there were very large dumps of votes overwhelming favouring Biden and often only voting on the presidency.

Since then, teams of lawyers have assembled reams of affidavits, all sworn under penalty of perjury, along with startling video evidence constituting a series of strong prima facie cases sufficient to prove fraud in the absence of contrary evidence.

There are also powerful cases, especially but not only in regard to Pennsylvania, demonstrating a breach of constitutional and other laws and demonstrating a requisite federal issue to bring them within the purview of the Supreme Court. Both classes of cases would arguably be sufficient under the Federal Constitution to allow state legislatures to ensure that only validly elected members of the Electoral College can vote.

But these solid cases are rarely, if ever reported in the US mainstream media or indeed in Australia. This will not stop attempts to correct the results of what most Republican voters and even a sizable minority of Democrats see as a stolen election.

Instead, media reports dismiss these cases, cases they do not properly report, in terms such as ‘baseless’, ‘unsubstantiated’ or ‘false’.

Speeches by the president or his lawyers are almost invariably dismissed as a ‘rant’ or with some similar term.

Surely this merits the opprobrium that those involved are no more than purveyors of ‘fake news’.

If this underlying fraud and illegality is not sanctioned and reversed, the integrity of the US electoral system will be destroyed, her leadership undermined and that of the Beijing communists uplifted. The damage to the West will be enormous.

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