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The Greens cult of no personality

20 December 2020

3:09 PM

20 December 2020

3:09 PM

Out today: yet another screed of delusion, distortion and deceit that the Greens pass off as their magazine.

It’s only ever newsworthy for its ridiculousness or the size of the porkies it contains, but the latest is a standout.

Why? The Greens cult of no personality.

It’s topped by a photo of Herr Doktor Bandt, PhD Marxism, suppressed, in all his charismatic glory:

Scroll down through few thousand words of the bald cuck’s rantings and at the end you find a caption: “Hero image: Julian Meehan.”

That’s right. “Hero image: Julian Meehan.”

Hero image.

Some people are easy to please.

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