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Albo Labor is so bad it’s even dragging down the government

8 January 2021

5:00 AM

8 January 2021

5:00 AM

There are two writers whose analysis I try to almost always read – Aaron Patrick in the Fin and Troy Bramston in the Oz.  This does not mean I always agree with their efforts, but they usually offer quality insights.

Separately, Patrick and Bramston have been writing about the issues within the Federal parliamentary Labor Party. Their views — put as briefly as possible — are that the ALP’s problems are the policies (per Patrick) or the leader (Bramston).

They are both right. Both the ALP leader and the ALP’s policies are crap. Unimaginative, recycled, repeatedly failed. 

But bad leadership and bad policies are not the core problem. They are a symptom. The core problem is that the Federal Parliamentary party is populated by proven failures, long past their used by date. Albanese. Plibersek. Dreyfus. Fitzgibbon. Burke. Keneally. Clare. Bowen. O’Connor. Shorten.

With the exception of Dreyfus, these are all professional politicians who have had no substantive career experience outside politics.

Yes. The very same can be said about the Morrison Government.  But this is where my interest lies.

Our political system requires a well-functioning opposition to keep the government to account.  And because the current opposition is a many times reheated failed policy and personnel soup, the Coalition can continue to be a mob of unimaginative, cowardly seat warmers.

If you offer a starving man a choice between a week old muoldy sandwich or a plate of canine excrement, chances are he will take the mouldy sandwich. And this sadly is the choice offered to Australia. A mouldy sandwich government that offers this from its leader:

Scott Morrison has conceded he has no legal powers to override state leaders closing their borders for health reasons, amid growing frustration among Victorians locked out of their home state and stranded in NSW.

Come on ALP. Lift your game. Clean your house. And if you do by some miracle get into government, perhaps this might force the LNP to lift its game.

It was many years in the wilderness that brought Bob Hawke and many years in the wilderness that brought John Howard.

Yes. These were at the price of Keating as PM and the later years of Howard — but still…

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