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30 January 2021

9:00 AM

30 January 2021

9:00 AM

If Australia had not been blessed with its small black community, we would have had to invent them. And we would probably go for a bigger contingent next time. After all, Australia is a prosperous, largely European country and if there is one feature of all such countries these days it is that they are riven with guilt for their own prosperity and feel obliged to atone for it, first by hating themselves for their success and second by taking up the black cause as an exercise in atonement. Atonement for what, you ask. Well, for the sin of being white and for succeeding in life by nurturing and encouraging Western institutions. But we have felt left out of this game, as our black numbers have been comparatively low, they have not been jammed together in big cities where it is easier to organise protests and, until the elites took them up as a condescending exercise in slumming, they had not been interested in political issues. But all that is changing now, and in line with the playbook that has been used so successfully by the Left in virtually all of its modern successes to date.  Will it succeed again in the next battle, on sovereignty?

The Left has long-realised that its objective to weaken Western countries and their economies could never be achieved just by criticising them, which would be counter-productive; it was far better to have a cuddly and lovable cause like climate change to act as a surrogate that would destroy them from within. And to stop Western countries becoming more successful and prosperous, the Left had to stop mining, exploration and cheap energy; far better to do this by elevating the environment to a religion to give themselves a better chance of enforcing compliance. To weaken European traditions, you also had to fight for unrestricted migration from Africa and Asia to increase their proportion in the community and, hence, their power. And to win the added bonus of weakening national borders, you had to campaign through international bodies and get refugees the right to seek asylum even if drowning themselves in the process. Who cares about a dead refugee if it furthers the cause?

To degrade other major bastions of Western conviction like traditional marriage, you had to dilute it with same-sex marriage and dress it up as ‘equality’. Even the time-honoured reliance on natural birth to replenish the population had to go and the best way of doing that was to set abortion free from any restrictions or limitations. Celebrities were also needed to give campaigns more tone, and what better celebrities to adopt than the rich who did not need a normal job with normal debts and obligations?

Moreover, when we come to the really big issue, race and sovereignty, the Left is using the same tactics that have given it victories in so many other fields. It denigrates what is already in place; thus, it rejects Australia Day, the foundation of our nation. And it can naturally count on the ABC whose board should be sacked for denigrating our national day and smearing it as Invasion Day. Now all lefties want to set up the so-called Voice, a rival parliament with an electoral roll based solely on race. And to warn those with different views, they have generated a vicious campaign to deny Margaret Court an Australian honour solely because they do not agree with her views, as prominent Liberals campaigned against Bettina Arndt’s Order of Australia to punish her for her opinions.

But the Voice will go further than that. It is not just that race is at the base of its structures which makes it enough of a manifestation of pure evil. We now know that it will also involve an extraordinary expansion of government and cost. It appears it will have state-wide and regional assemblies, truly a duplicated or triplicated parliament. But it will have another disturbing consequence that should be of concern to all conservatives. It will not be solely advisory but will also be able to challenge decisions made by elected governments. Here’s how.

If you think judicial activism in the US is bad, with judges taking over the role of elected parliaments, wait till you see it in action here. There is now an extensive array of laws in Australia, state and federal, that allow decisions by governments to be overruled by a court on the grounds that the government did not take into account the things it should have considered or that it took into account irrelevant considerations. Say the Voice decides that the date of Australia Day should be changed or that it should be re-named Invasion Day. The federal Government says ‘No.’ The Voice appeals to a court and is joined by sympathetic left-wing bodies.

Now, think how judges are appointed in Australia: the ALP only appoints its members or fellow travellers who are left leaning. The Liberal party wants to show how broad-minded it is, so it also appoints only left-leaning judges.

The court will be told that Aboriginal people want the date changed or the day renamed because they are grieving. It will be open to a court to decide that as the Voice itself demanded this change, and the more so if it is embedded in the constitution, this is a demand which the Aboriginal claim must win. After all, the Voice is the true representative of the Aboriginal people; if the Voice demands this change, it must be accepted so as to meet the Aboriginal will. The scope for judicial activism on any Aboriginal issue will therefore be unlimited and unelected judges will make decisions that should be left to the people through their elected parliament and government. If you liked judicial activism in the US, you will love the new Australian strain. The Left is getting closer with its pre-occupation with race and identity, its willingness to destroy our institutions and its readiness to censor anyone with whom it disagrees.

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