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17 January 2021

7:00 AM

17 January 2021

7:00 AM

If you need reminding of the depths to which the Liberal Party has fallen — particularly in the lobbyists’ playground of New South Wales — The Telegraph has a timely prompt this weekend:

The state’s most spiteful political branch has been axed after a long history of violence, intimidation, a death threat and a “wee ban” at meetings.

But members of the former Moorebank branch of the Liberal Party fear they will be blocked from joining the nearby Liverpool branch because “being an Islamic branch they have a history of rejecting ­Christian members”.

The party’s state executive voted to dissolve the Moorebank branch on November 27 after police were called to a meeting in January 2020 — the third time officers have been involved since 2015…

In a … letter to branch members, NSW Liberal Party state director Chris Stone rattled off a shopping list of infantile and bizarre behaviour, including a “wee ban” that prompted the branch’s closure.

“Members have been denied the use of bathroom facilities by the homeowners of the meeting premises, and have been directed to ‘get out’ when meetings become disorderly,” Mr Stone said.

“Branch meetings are repeatedly held in cramped conditions in domestic garages.

“Members have expressed concern for their safety due to their treatment by the homeowners.”

Other accusations include dodgy minutes, meetings held during business hours to exclude some members, unauthorised recordings and shutting down meetings to stifle debate…

in an email sent to the state executive, obtained by The Saturday Telegraph, former Liverpool councillor and party member Peter Ristevski warned of further violence.

“With Liverpool being an Islamic branch they have a history of rejecting Christian members,” he said.

“I can only see this turning nasty when the members of Moorebank branch who are Christians apply to join Liverpool branch and get rejected because they are not Muslim.”

Mr Ristevski declined to comment when contacted.

The Liverpool branch will decide who gets preselected to run on Liverpool Council.

Branch president Ned Mannoun declined to comment but a Liberal insider told the Telegraph: “There is no religious or racial tension bias; as evidenced by the fact that following the last Moorebank branch meeting all three factions of the Liberal Party agreed to dissolve the Moorebank branch.”

Reminder. We are talking about Liberal branches here, not the antics of the ethnic warlords of the ALP. Handy to have the factions bit on the record, too — albeit anonymously.

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