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The consistent inconsistency of Daniel Andrews

18 January 2021

3:33 PM

18 January 2021

3:33 PM

As Novak Djokovic today bewails the misery of the multi-millionaire whose minders fail to read the small print, The Age reports:

Police officers who issued fines for breaches of COVID-19 restrictions have been instructed to hand out cautions for unpaid infringements rather than proceed with charges…

More than 19,000 penalty notices were issued for breaches of chief health officer orders by October last year. The new direction would mean all but the most egregious offenders will avoid paying.

But what did the Chairman say before? The Age has that too:

Premier Daniel Andrews insisted in October that rule-breakers must pay fines, warning there was “too much at stake” and “we will come after you if you don’t”.

His government today has hidden today behind a spokesthing, further enhancing their integrity. Its message?

A Victorian government spokesperson said fines had played a critical role in sending a clear message that anyone who blatantly and deliberately breached the Chief Health Officer’s directives would face a penalty.

“Victoria Police makes prosecutorial decisions independent of government, and it would be inappropriate to intervene in these decisions,” the spokesperson said.

Funny. At moments like this, we usually hear the Chairman proclaiming “It’s the right thing to do.”

Even funnier, this time it is — but to say so would be an admission of how he’s got virtually everything else wrong.

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