Why America will have four more years of President Trump

5 January 2021

11:14 PM

5 January 2021

11:14 PM

President Trump won the 2020 election. In making such a statement, I know that people will say that I am crazy or deluded. I don’t care. My belief has remained unshaken since November 3: and, against the constant media drumbeat, I also still believe there will be a second Trump term.

To me, this widespread assumption that Trump’s protests against the election are just the last throes of a mad would-be dictator, suggests that a large number are indeed victims of the Establishment’s merciless gaslighting and censorship.

The reality, as I see it, is that we have just witnessed one of the greatest conspiracies ever perpetrated against the American people’s independence and their nation’s sovereignty. It involves many players who, aided by a virus, all colluded to hijack the elections in order to install their chosen candidate in the White House.

As usual, the mainstream media dutifully played an integral part in the scam, themselves anointing Joe Biden as President-elect in the first place. Despite all the efforts to impose this lie, however — and no matter how hard Biden squints at the teleprompter standing in front of his ‘Office of the President Elect’ banner (no such office even exists) — or how many fantasy cabinet members he ‘appoints’, they will fail.

Why? Because Americans will not allow it.

From the hundred thousands of patriots taking to the streets, to those working around the clock to analyze and document the fraud, not to mention the President and his team pursuing all legal and constitutional avenues, they are all sending the same, clear message: they will not concede to this grave injustice.

We know the truth — and all the might employed to dismiss the evidence, including at the judicial level, cannot conceal it. The multitude of anomalies and testimonies presented in hearings and court filings have demonstrated incontrovertibly that widespread fraud took place.

Indeed, were it not for the bravery of these witnesses, relentless work of lawyers and the incredible effort of digital soldiers carefully distilling and disseminating the evidence online for us, it would have seemed hopeless. Coming forward has imperiled many of these patriots greatly and we owe them more than could ever be expressed in these few lines.

While I have previously written about their kind, open and welcoming nature, there are other traits which I greatly admire in the American people. One I especially love is this spirit and moral fiber to stand up for what is right. Love of freedom and fairness runs in America’s veins — and no matter how hard they try, these thugs will never manage to steal that essence. Americans will simply never condone this immoral theft.

That same spirit carries President Trump as he leads the charge to defend America from this latest egregious coup, just as he has relentlessly done for the past four years in the face of what has to be one of the greatest destruction campaigns in modern history. If there is one thing the President has shown us, it is that he never gives up. ‘I will fight for you with every breath in my body — and I will never, ever let you down.’ He made that promise at his first inaugural address — and I believe he fully intends to keep it. Americans love him for it — and just as the President has had their backs since day one, so they will have his.

This force will be on full display in Washington DC on January 6, in epic proportions by all accounts. History will no doubt record the event as the day America rejected tyranny and stood for freedom once again, with millions of patriots descending on the nation’s capital. Many are flying or even driving across the country to show these traitors and signal to the world that they stand with President Trump in defending America — and that they will fight to preserve their Republic and their God-given rights.

The message is of course aimed at Congress: with all that we know, the results simply cannot be certified for Biden. Americans will not tolerate it if elected officials don’t respect their basic right to free and fair elections. January 6 will make it clear whether or not they will honor their oath. If they don’t, we won’t be deterred, but on the contrary more motivated to fight until every single avenue is exhausted even if it means delaying the inauguration, in conformity with the Constitution.

Despite the decades-long operation to sever Americans from their great heritage, and while it’s an unprecedented situation, Americans know this is the only path forward to safeguard the gifts bestowed by the Founding Fathers for future generations, and to honor all those who have fallen to protect them since. The stakes couldn’t be higher, for this is not just another four-year election.

Americans know that should they fail, a thousand years of darkness awaits us all.

I have no doubt America will rise to the challenge and will prevail. Freedom always wins.

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