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Why does Facebook ban conservatives, but give the Mad F–king Witches red carpet treatment?

5 February 2021

11:59 AM

5 February 2021

11:59 AM

If your politics are right of centre, you are constantly criticised for pushing “conspiracy theories”.  

If you try to assert that the climate is of concern, but there is no benefit to climate alarmism, you may well find yourself labelled a “denier”.  

If you attempt to demonstrate that Big Tech is overwhelmingly left-learning, conservatives are shadowbanned and right-wing views are silenced, you’ll likely be told you’re being paranoid.  

And then, with all of this in mind, if you happen to click onto a social media page of well-known far-left angry activists who go by the name of Mad F***ing Witches, you may well find evidence that your hunches have been correct all along. 

What a flippin’ joke all this is.  

What an immense waste of energy us centrists and right-wingers have to pour into defending ourselves when we claim two plus two equals four.  

Our witchy mates recently posted:

For the past six months, we’ve noticed our page engagement dropping like a stone… And that’s why MFW get banned so often: because – as we’ve known for a couple of years now – there’s a large group of dangerous and organised anti-feminist trolls in America who generate thousands of reports about us every time we post something where they can find a way to make it reportable. That’s why this page goes down when other political pages don’t: because we’re feminist as well as political, which is what these INCEL and white supremacist groups of trolls hate. It’s another way of oppressing women (as if that’s needed) and it’s absolutely f**ked.

They continued to say what we all know, “Now we know what’s going on, we’re in touch with an actual person at Facebook to see if we can try to get this rectified.” 

So, if your politics are far-left you go full Karen, ask to speak to the manager of Facebook and get special treatment because people who disagree with your hateful activism are evil and must be silenced?  

Not everyone who has an issue with the Mad Witches vile brand of activism, which basically bullies advertisers to withdraw from broadcaster’s shows or stations the left put on a hit list, is a troll.  

Neither are they anti-feminist in any other way than they stand for true equality.  

And neither are they incels 

Or white supremacists.  

And, surprise surprise, yet again it has nothing to do with “oppressing women”.  

These clowns believe they have a right to school anyone who dares to think for themselves – and Big Tech is taking personal calls to give preferential treatment to one side of politics.  

Either we believe in free speech for all, or we do not. But, let’s not side with the voice of rancid activist trolls 

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