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Did the Palace really want a freckly ranga?

10 March 2021

11:30 AM

10 March 2021

11:30 AM

Playing the race card with young Archie was one of the inevitabilities of the Meghan and Harry Spectacular.

The question is being asked at what point does an observation of skin tone jump the fence into racialism? But further to this, perhaps we should be asking who hopes that their child is born with Prince Harry’s colouring?

Those that are very fair, red-headed and freckled face a barrage of insults at the school playground level which might be nasty and rude but it is not ‘racist’.

Those ‘rangas’ (perhaps species-ist not racist) face a tough life of ointments and clothes trying to protect them from the sun (sunburn and skin cancer) while those of us with a good dose of melanin are out there frolicking in the water, drying off on towels while enjoying the feel of the sun on bare skin. So surely that relative or associate of Harry’s who made the allegedly racist remarks was hoping that Meghan’s skin tone would be inherited rather than Harry’s?

Don’t we all hope our children inherit genes that will keep them healthy and also physically attractive?

It will be the dominant genes that win and Harry’s skin tone is non-dominant — so unless Meghan is carrying the fair skin gene of her father their children are likely to escape the red hair and fair and freckled complexion.

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