Inside the £2.9 million Downing Street press room

16 March 2021

4:42 AM

16 March 2021

4:42 AM

This afternoon ITV got the scoop they were all after – pictures of the elusive Downing Street press conference room. The room is based in No 9 Downing Street and has enjoyed an eye-watering £2.9 million makeover to host the cream of the nation’s press for televised lobby briefings. The £2.9 million spending includes £1.8 million for ‘main works’ plus spending on other items such as £198,000 for ‘long lead items’, £33,000 for ‘broadband equipment’ and £1,400 on a core drill.

It is here that Allegra Stratton, the Prime Minister’s Press Secretary, will do battle with the parliamentary lobby in the site which formerly hosted the Privy Council Office courtroom. Decked out in royal blue with four Union Jack flagpoles, the room also appears to have a gleaming new Downing Street podium, squashed behind a No 10 logo that makes it read ‘DOW REET.’

EXCLUSIVE: @itvnews can reveal the new *£2.6m* Downing Street studio for new White House style press briefings. @PaulBrandITV

— Nathan Lee (@NathanLeeTV) March 15, 2021

This will complement the existing three used in the infamous No 10 Covid press conferences, each of which Mr S can reveal cost £2,550 excluding VAT and were produced by events and conferencing firm MGI. The inclusion of a Henry Hoover in the corner of one of the pictures has attracted much Twitter comment including suggestions that he ‘looks embarrassed to be there.’

ITV News meanwhile reports Labour have raised questions over the involvement of a Russian owned company, hired to carry out work installing equipment including microphones, control desks, cameras and computers. The West Wing never had such problems….

Mr S hopes the former court room sees its fair share of drama in the weeks and months to come!<//>

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