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No one was saved

8 March 2021

9:56 PM

8 March 2021

9:56 PM

“I look at all the lonely people…”

Attorney-General Christian Porter is no doubt desperately clinging on to friends, as too was his accuser Kate in the final months and weeks of her life.

What did we learn from tonight’s Four Corners about what may or may not have happened between the pair? Nothing. We heard from Kate’s friends — a sad, sad, story — and we saw key moments from Porter’s interrogation and the destruction of his political career at his press conference last week.

Oh yes. We also heard the legal advice that partisans on both sides of this ghastly story know — a just prosecution against Porter can neither proceed nor suceed.

Equality before the law is fundamental. Fundamentals, alas, can leave little room for nuance.

Kate is dead. So are Christian Porter’s ambitions.

Paul McCartney is, without doubt, one of the greatest songwriters and storytellers of our time, of all time. In Eleanor Rigby, he gives us a beautiful but bleak work.

Tonight, we can only be reminded of its conclusion: “No one was saved”.

No one was served by tonight’s program, either.

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