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Sexual predators in Parliament? Name names, Lidia

24 March 2021

10:01 AM

24 March 2021

10:01 AM

If you define sexual harassment as a split second unwanted male gaze, don’t be surprised if you see attack everywhere. You’re sure to be “harassed” walking to work, getting lunch, walking home, you name it, every minute of every day you’ll be threatened 

So, it’s hardly surprising that Greens Senator Lidia Thorpe announced on Tuesday, “Today I was asked by the media whether I had experienced harassment in my short time as a Senator here at Parliament House. The truth is, I have. Too often, with male MPs and Senators – and I’ve only been here for six months.” 

Of course, her allegations were greeted with Twitter declarations that all men should be kicked out of parliament entirely.  

Well, why stop at a curfew for men? Let’s really show them who’s boss. 

Senator Jordan Steele-John for WA chimed in, “I am beyond furious that you’ve done been [stat] subjected to this disgusting behaviour. Solidarity and strength to you sista [fist pump, black heart emojis].” 

Lidia continued to claim that she was so afraid of being alone after estimate hearings that she called her partner in Melbourne for assistance.  

She wrote, “For everyone out there that’s experienced sexism, misogyny, racism, ableism, discrimination… all or any of the above… we stand with you.” 

And added, “And to the Prime Minister: this is all happening on your watch. You are ultimately responsible. We don’t need more talk from you. We need you to ACT. We’re not going anywhere.” 

On word sums up all this dramatic claptrap: opportunism.  

It’s very clear what’s going on here. The left have failed to win power so they’re now determined to bring down the elected Morrison government by playing political games.  

Greens Senators and our left-leaning media alike are attempting to maintain the rage, attack the government, and portray its leadership as sexist, misogynistic, stale, pale, outdated harassment.  

Lidia, if you’ve been harassed, don’t leave us hanging. Surely, it is your duty to ensure that justice is served, to see that other women are protected? Name names.  

Tell us, who has harassed you in Parliament House?  

The women of Australia demand you are not complicit in hiding this culture, which you find so repulsive and intrusive.  

We look forward to hearing from you. 

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