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Time to get real with GetUp!

17 March 2021

3:55 PM

17 March 2021

3:55 PM

Anyone who has had any significant dealings with GetUp! would know that it’s inappropriate to say that they’re economical with the truth.

There is no need for any pussyfooting whatsoever. They simply tell the most outrageous lies.

The left-wing mercenaries have been under fire for their treatment of Boothby MP Nicolle Flint, a sharp young woman with a PhD who claims the behaviour of GetUp! and other noxious pests such as Extinction Rebellion have forced her to reluctantly abandon her parliamentary career.

She was joined this morning by a second female Liberal MP, Member for Reid, Fiona Martin, who told Sky New Australia she was pushed by a GetUp! campaigner and had a corflute pulled out of her hand during the 2019 election campaign.

GetUp! have told The Australian:

We conducted a thorough investigation that confirmed our staff and members were not involved in any of the alleged behaviour levelled against us in this long running effort to smear our reputation.

We campaigned in the seat of Boothby and other key seats with hard right Liberal MPs, but it is simply wrong to characterise our campaign as harassment or misogyny.

There’s a lot in that. Let’s start with the obvious. GetUp! have investigated themselves and found themselves not guilty. Gosh. The process, no doubt,  was exhaustive.

Also, GetUp! have only denied that their campaigning was “harassment or misogyny”.

That they use a pejorative such as “hard right Liberal MPs” in their self-exculpation appears to suggest GetUp! was involved in — and continues to engage in — bullying and intimidation against their political opponents.

But, of course, they’re left wing and only nasty “hard right Liberal MPs” and hate media like The Australian questions their conduct.

And it’s not as if we’ve ever get an honest answer from GetUp! themselves.

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