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11 March 2021

2:18 PM

11 March 2021

2:18 PM

The time has come to choose. Do you hold firm to common sense and believe strongly in the rule of law? Or do you believe the world is a better place running out of control on raging emotion? 

Chances are, if your politics are centre-right, or certainly right of the loony left, the more wide-eyed you may find yourself at the sheer madness of the direction we appear to be heading in. 

Anyone who is not on the fringe left – or who doesn’t work at the(ir) ABC – has been gobsmacked and appalled by the treatment of Christian Porter over recent weeks. A shattered man stood in that outrageous media conference, forced to defend himself against unproven accusations which the police have officially decided not to pursue.  

Porter is innocent under the law. That is the truth.  

You may not like this inconvenient truth, but that does not make it untrue.  

The manufactured, incorrect version of events coming from screaming left-wing activists is a glimpse into an utterly distorted world-view, which too many have left unchecked for too long.  

It is a sane glimpse inside the asylum.  

Our friends the Mad Fucking Witches have posted this:


So, these absolute deranged, unbalanced nutcases are suggesting that our Prime Minister is encouraging rapists by telling the truth; that Porter is innocent? 

I therefore presume that in their bizarre, cuckoo parallel universe, potential rapists sit, watch and absorb political media conferences in order to assist them with their moral compasses. 

Warning: see the asylum for what it is.  

Choose the right side. 

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