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China’s wolf warriors now sound like Q&A panellists – and that’s a real worry

29 April 2021

5:30 PM

29 April 2021

5:30 PM

China’s wolf warriors have spent the week snarling away at Australia, but one attack has really stood out.

It came on Tuesday, from a Major-General Jin Yinan.

Jin mocked Australia’s ability to stop the People’s Liberation Army taking over Taiwan — and his choice of words was truly fascinating:

They always feel that Anglo-Saxon whites and Christian whites should be the leaders of the world…

[O]n the surface, these people seem to love peace very much and want to stop a war. In fact, it can be seen from their hypocritical words that their goal is that the white-dominated world should not be disturbed.

The white man is the master of the world, and the others are nothing more than belongings of the world. This group of people in Australia are entrenched white supremacists.

It sounds like a Twitter rant — or Q&A panellist, or a column in The Guardian Australia, The Conversation, Crikey or from one of the dottier contributors to The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

In other words, China appears to be using the very same words our leftists use to denigrate Australia — but not just for the same purpose, but to weaken us as a nation.

They are reinforcing the left’s critique, their batty racial politics and sectarian bigotry to divide Australia, to weaken our defence of democracy and our resolve.

If you believe Australia is a racist, sexist nation verging on theocracy — as much of the mad mob of Twitter appear to — then it’s not too far a jump to believe our China policies are based on such ideas.

This is propaganda of the very cleverest kind.

It’s also propaganda of the very evilest.




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