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Dear woke America, you’re dreaming

Now it’s Martin Luther King versus Ibram X. Kendi

10 April 2021

9:00 AM

10 April 2021

9:00 AM

Western democracy is having a major identity crisis. Common ideals that once provided generations with cohesive cultural values are being snuffed out in real time by the anti-American Left. Say farewell to Dr Seuss and every other creative genius deemed un-woke by cancel culture – while former felon Cardi B is celebrated for her onstage lesbian orgy at the recent Grammy Awards, modelling to teen girls everywhere how to be ‘so brave’.

Still, the 20th century American Dream has encouraged citizens and migrants, of every race, to learn the rules and work hard for their piece of the pie. Standing for the anthem, appreciating our ancestors and tolerating others’ beliefs all helped foster a sense of national community. We felt part of something bigger and that our individual contributions were helping to keep the country thriving. Like the song says, ‘those days are gone’.

Blind nostalgia is one thing, but replacing melting pot principles with racial finger-pointing is proving to be a recipe for civil warring – declared by the Left’s growing cult of identity politics and fuelled by failed communist ideas which claim that your victim status trumps my personal liberty and private property. Um, no.

Remember in 2020 when Black Lives Matter plundered and burned cities across America? Their two billion dollar stealing spree, ironically, sent many minority-owned businesses bankrupt. Did those black livelihoods matter? Apparently not to the mainstream media, who consistently portrayed these criminal looters as social justice ‘heroes’ fighting systemic racism.

Identity politics creates social division by indoctrinating susceptible minds with a ‘you-owe-me’ mentality and proceeds to dish out victim cards to everyone except the oppressor villains who, in the Democrat’s version of this political fairy tale, are straight white males. Particularly conservative guys who seem less inclined to sip woke Kool-Aid and walk around apologising for their existence.

Light-skinned ladies however, because of their tendency to sleep with the enemy, are considered racists by association. Take pop icon Madonna, while obviously a victim due to her gender, is now losing sleep worrying about her ‘whiteness’. Poor thing, she should’ve married the NBA’s Dennis Rodman when she had the chance. Unfortunately, ‘white guilt’ is becoming all the rage among restless suburban women with a liberal education. How sad can you rich girls be?

‘Racist Royals Made Meghan Markle Cry’ was the gist of front-page headlines circling the globe after her and Prince Harry’s prime-time interview with Oprah. London talk show host Piers Morgan considered it to be the best acting of Markle’s career. Morgan was predictably cancelled for voicing his natural suspicions about a B-list drama queen with a very lucrative axe to grind. People magazine reported CBS paid Markle over seven million dollars to throw her British in-laws under the double-decker bus with watery accusations of racism. Obviously, the Democrats are hoping she’ll run in 2024.

The Liberal media’s elevation of wealthy celebrity ‘victims’ as our moral betters is a clever sleight-of-hand, because old-school Marxism casts the super-rich as the bad guys. However, the Left’s new brand of communism, identity politics, attempts to refocus the negative spotlight onto working white folks as the real enemy of minority progress.

The Democrats, woke corporations, universities and sadly, even public schools, are scurrying to roll out policies based on this insane doctrine that says, ‘if you’re white then you’re inherently racist. Either bend the knee or be cancelled and lose everything’. It’s psychological terrorism on a grand scale and would constitute illegal discrimination (racism) if the Nike was on the other foot.

So, if every white American has secretly conspired to hold black folks down, how did the US achieve the world’s largest black middle-class, 35,000 black millionaires and Oprah in less than two generations after slavery? Colour-blind capitalism, maybe? According to the New York Times’ best-selling agitator, professor Ibram X. Kendi, it’s now racist to even ask these questions. You don’t say. Possibly because Kendi is making millions pushing the myth that modern America is an evil racist hellhole to gullible college kids and not-so-bright Democrats alike. It’s called race-baiting for a reason – don’t bite the hook.

‘If we are not careful, our colleges will produce a group of close-minded, unscientific, illogical propagandists, consumed with immoral acts.’ Sounds like Martin Luther King Jr. predicted the snowflake generation and would certainly be turning in his grave hearing anyone apologise for their skin colour. Whatever happened to King’s dream of every race building a bridge and showing each other some grace?

Fundamentally, King vs Kendi presents polar-opposite takes on how America should conceptualise its race relations. Six decades prior, MLK understood there were real threats from real white supremacists working to undermine his desegregation movement. King likely envisioned his own violent end on more than one occasion, yet he got out of bed and got on with effecting change without casting aspersions.

Contrasted with Kendi’s inflammatory, anti-white rhetoric as reflected in Coca-Cola’s recent diversity training seminar where workers were instructed to ‘try to be less white’. Wow. Yet the fear of swarming Twitter mobs has corporations everywhere lining up to pay Kendi clones, like Robin DiAngelo, author of White Fragility, tens of thousands of dollars a day to insult employees’ intelligence with Critical Race Theory claptrap like, ‘in the US and other Western nations, white people are socialised to feel that they are inherently superior because they are white’. I must’ve missed that episode of Sesame Street.

Critical Race Theory makes the cynical case that only whites are racist, Democrats excluded, and that white supremacy is so ingrained in Western culture that burning the whole show down is the only way folks of colour can take what’s theirs. Like in Portland last year? Keeping his promise to make America worse, old President Joe and his DC comrades are busy exploiting the Left’s ginned-up racial animus by pitting a nation of once neighbours against each other. Sad times politically. In the name of diversity, inclusion and equity, which are for everyone else apparently, Amen and Awomen.

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Rob Tiller is a Texan Australian, counsellor and writer with an interest in helping folks avoid the psychology of victimhood (modern Leftism).

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