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Now even the budget is a tool of the Coalition’s evil oppression of women. Apparently…

23 April 2021

4:00 AM

23 April 2021

4:00 AM

Sections of mainstream media, including the(ir) ABC, The Guardian Australia and the Channel Nine chip-wrappers are desperately attempting to build a gendered narrative ahead of the looming budget.  

This week, an op-ed across the Nine papers demanded, “Time for the Coalition to put a gender lens back on the budget” before taking readers on a confusing jaunt through a maze of riddles.  

First, it attempted to tie “escalating concerns about alleged mistreatment of women in Parliament” to the victimhood narrative that women in Australia are facing a myriad of “ongoing challenges”.  

Then the piece claimed, “there were also concerns the budget hadn’t done enough to help women.” 

Be honest: those claims may well have been voiced by left-wing TV producers on our overwhelmingly left-biased mainstream media, but they are not fact. 

Readers were informed that The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age spoke “with analysts and advocates at the time who said women had, in fact, been “left out” of the [COVID-19] recovery”.  

Let’s not pretend that left-leaning rags speaking to one of the millions of women’s advocates desperately attempting to use the current political debate to line their own pockets with plush funding makes it true that the government is anti-women.  

The author continued, “This coverage was rebuffed by government ministers who said the budget was for “all Australians” and there were no exclusions on the basis of gender.  

“Technically they weren’t wrong. There is no legal or policy barrier stopping women from accessing the measures introduced by the federal government.” 

Hold on…

“Technically they weren’t wrong”?  

This appears to be gendered code for “Technically they were right”.  

And then the piece continues to drag readers through the maze, in an effort to convince them the Morrison government is actively pursuing an anti-women financial agenda, which, of course, has no basis in fact.  

Do these left-wing gender obsessives think that we’re stupid? 

We all know that it’s long been illegal to pay women less than men, and the Morrison government certainly isn’t responsible for the individual choices women make about the career path they take or the variety of part-time hours they opt to work.  

“Women’s experiences in the workforce and society are vastly different to those of their male counterparts,” the piece bleats.  

Actually, both men and women drag themselves to their place of work each day and find a pay packet landing in their bank account reflecting the hours they have worked in their chosen field.  

Women’s experiences are not “vastly different” to men’s at all.  

Centrist, strong, independent and confident women are sick of this constant victim narrative being churned out through our media.  

We are tired of the attempts to brainwash us that there is “gender lensing” or “gender-responsive budgeting”.  

And we did not vote for “the Coalition to put a gender lens back on the budget.” 

If you want real equality, get on with it, rather than pushing for a gendered grant to land in your account purely because you’re a woman.  

Special treatment is not equality.  

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