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The joke’s on the Peter Dutton haters. Again

2 April 2021

6:50 PM

2 April 2021

6:50 PM

To anyone sane, Peter Dutton is the Minister for Defence. To the loony left, he is Satan with a shaved head.

And, of course, as the devil incarnate, it is, apparently, perfectly acceptable for the left to throw as much socially unacceptable abuse at him as they please.

On Wednesday night’s The Project, Tom Ballard decided to throw some jokes around about coronavirus.

He said, “A baby got it and it was sad. And then Peter Dutton got it and it was like, ‘Wow, it’s my hero, I actually want to vote for the virus and I support the work that it’s doing.”

A laughing Peter Helliar chipped in, “Based on that – and my years of knowing you Tom – you do lean a little bit left don’t you?”

I have a joke: remember when the(ir) ABC axed Tonightly with Tom Ballard after just one year?

Helliar wasn’t really left with much choice other than to underscore Ballard’s politics; what can you say when someone’s just make a joke about Covid killing people?

If Ballard is such a self-proclaimed “fan” of the virus and “the work that it’s doing” perhaps he’d like to move to the US where it’s killed over half a million people?

Or Brazil, where it’s killed nearly 320,000 people?

Or, perhaps, India where it’s killed over 160,000 people?

Maybe he’d like to sit down and talk to families and loved ones of those killed by this horrendous, deadly virus that causes agony before death?

Ballard’s attempt at humour is rather reminiscent of when Clementine Ford tweeted in May, “Honestly, corona virus isn’t killing men fast enough”.

The left can’t meme but they sure as hell can hate.

All of this while Liberal Teena McQueen isn’t allowed to make a joke about herself?

Give me a break.

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