The relentless campaign to smear Ron DeSantis

9 April 2021

3:39 AM

9 April 2021

3:39 AM

Say what you want about the media in 2021, they never let a dream die.

For over a year now, the activists who play journalists on TV have been hell-bent on destroying Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida. The press is trying, with all their might, to turn him into the second most evil man in America.

The latest hit job, by 60 Minutes’s Sharyn Alfonsi, was particularly egregious because of CBS’s incredibly sloppy execution.

At a press conference, Alfonsi asked DeSantis about a scandal she was desperately trying to gin up. Her spiel was this — Publix received exclusive rights to the vaccination distribution from the DeSantis administration because the grocery chain had contributed $100,000 to the governor’s PAC. Keep in mind that the director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management, Jared Moskowitz, had already discredited this fake news more than a month earlier. Nonetheless, DeSantis disabused CBS of this pay-to-play storyline. He explained to Alfonsi that Publix was simply chosen based off common sense, locations and readiness.

The producers at 60 Minutes — known for their love of fiction — spliced out the governor’s explanation and seamed together an entirely new and misleading clip. In fact, the ‘fake but accurate’ propaganda was so deceptive that another Democrat, Palm Beach County mayor Dave Kerner, came to DeSantis’s defense. In a statement Kerner wrote, ‘The reporting was not just based on bad information — it was intentionally false…I know this because I offered to provide my insight into Palm Beach County’s vaccination efforts and 60 Minutes declined.’ The program that boasts alumni like Dan Rather and Katie Couric is running with bad intel? I’m shocked — shocked I tell you.

CBS is defending 60 Minutes over this blatantly false attack. Meanwhile, DeSantis isn’t wasting any time waiting for the network to issue him a well-deserved mea culpa. Instead, he addressed reporters on Wednesday and said, ‘So the whole thing is a big lie. CBS certainly knew it was a big lie, but that was their goal, just simply to try to smear Florida, smear me.’

DeSantis is all too familiar with smear campaigns. Whenever the media accidentally publishes a ‘mistake’ or ‘error’ about Ron DeSantis, you can rest assured that these oopsies have a pattern. They all happen to reflect poorly on the governor.

It makes perfect sense. Biden’s cheerleaders are scared of DeSantis because he is becoming a clear frontrunner for 2024. Laura Ingraham tweeted, ‘The 60 Minutes attempt at a hit piece on @GovRonDeSantis spoke more to how much they fear him rather than anything else.’ DeSantis, like Trump, is a fierce and outspoken  critic of the corrupt media. He is also the governor of a state that is rapidly increasing in popularity every day. Unlike the residents in New York, who are fleeing in a mass exodus, the Sunshine State’s residents seem less eager to escape from under the evil Rule of Ron.

CNN took considerably less issue with Gov. Andrew Cuomo taking credit for his disastrous handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In between interviews with his brother Chris about whether he’d run for president, New York’s ‘Luv Guv’ accepted an Emmy award and wrote a pompous, self-congratulatory book. I can assure you that while Cuomo was lapping up constant praise, the Empire State was far from booming.

If only DeSantis was dealing with as many mushrooming scandals as Cuomo — then maybe 60 Minutes could finally finish him off politically.

Alas, they are left with no other option than to get creative in their editing room. The last time the media hated a guy with this much deranged passion, they helped him get elected president.

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