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Trick question: why test brick wall with head?

7 April 2021

11:42 AM

7 April 2021

11:42 AM

The late and great American columnist Charles Krauthammer reminded his readers that to understand politics you have to remember that the right thinks the left is stupid, and the left thinks the right is evil. Once you absorb that bit of political wisdom, it explains the outpouring of stupidity from the new left which even the old left finds foreign. Can you imagine Bob Hawke defying common sense and rationality by embracing the baseless hysteria of climate change activism? Not bloody likely, mate.  

That takes us — those of us who keep up with the news — to Malcolm Turnbull AC, Rhodes Scholar and 29th Prime Minister and The Hon Matthew John Kean, BBus, GradDipCA MP, New South Wales Minister for Energy and Environment. But they are both members of the Liberal Party, you say? Well, yes, but I refer you to Krauthammer’s dictum, which makes it clear that in politics, you can readily recognise lefties because they are … well, you know … (Don’t let their credentials fool you). You can put a Rolls-Royce badge on a VW but that doesn’t change the engineering.

There is a Machiavellian view that Matt Keane was deliberately unhindered in his nomination of Turnbull for the chairmanship of the Net Zero Emissions and Clean Economy Board knowing the consequences, which has made many of his parliamentary colleagues less, well, keen, on his rise and rise. Testing brick wall with head? Likewise, Turnbull, who has plenty of practice at the climate change wall. 

This is like men identifying as women, another defiance of reason, like the climate change rage. They keep proving Krauthammer’s dictum. 

They” are the useless idiots of the new left who are the anti-human nature militia, denying the biology of sex – selectively. Males can be accommodated as females in sport, in toilets and prisons, but females must be equally represented with males in politics, board rooms and professions. This is the new diversity and equality platform? Or just unhinged Marxist claptrap.  

They” are the company directors who dabble in socio-political activism to curry favour with the wokeness of our times. “Coke is woke.” That sorta thing.

This is a test you can do at home: take the wokeness ‘temperature’ of a politician or any public figure or commentator; the higher it registers on the ‘stoopid index’, the higher the leaning to the left. 

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