Andrew Cuomo will get away with it all

1 May 2021

5:56 AM

1 May 2021

5:56 AM

Andrew Cuomo could murder thousands of senior citizens in the middle of Fifth Avenue and not lose a single supporter. Earlier this week the New York governor got up in front of local TV cameras for the first time in several months since his non-apology apology to respond to more allegations of sexual harassment. (The national media has apparently checked out.) Instead of feigning regret or acting contrite, Cuomo did a complete 180, saying his accusers were ‘jealous’ and digging in by defiantly declaring ‘I didn’t do anything wrong.’

In one sense, it’s all been going wrong for Andrew. There was another damaging report from the New York Times that Cuomo’s top aides concealed more nursing home deaths than previously thought. The governor is no longer a staple of CNN’s magical Cuomo Brothers Circus Act and the book tour is over.

None of this will matter, however. Andrew Cuomo is going to get away with it all — and he knows it. RIP #MeToo. No politician since Donald Trump has stood so brazenly in the face of the media and his accusers and simply called them liars.

It’s not a comparison the Cuomo family wants but it’s one they deserve. The other factor is of course the media, who transformed Andrew Cuomo into a folk hero and the perfect tough-guy foil for President Trump. Not much more was needed. It is not accidental that now the giant orange dragon has been vanquished after sucking up all the media oxygen, suddenly more lethal nursing-home data from New York and more sexual assault accusers emerged. Almost immediately after the New York Times dropped another bombshell on Andrew Cuomo’s skull, the entirety of the national media turned their attention to a questionable raid by federal officers on Rudy Giuliani’s offices.

So Cuomo keeps miraculously surviving what should be fatal news cycles. He’s going to come out of this and most likely be reelected, because to both New Yorkers and a media with the biased attention span of a toddler, he is simply preferable to whomever the alternative might be. It’s an astonishing hypocrisy from all sides — a national media still obsessing over the last presidency while ignoring the body count of the New York governor.

Screaming about Andrew Cuomo on Fox News isn’t going to get him to resign; it will only allow a deeply entrenched pro-Democratic media, the same media who stands to attention whenever a former Trump administration member signs a new book deal. Andrew Cuomo already got his book deal and he’s not giving any of the money back.

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