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17 May 2021

3:26 PM

17 May 2021

3:26 PM

I saw this on Twitter. It led me to a Guardian piece:

ABC demands rightwing thinktank correct ‘misleading’ claims on public trust

The ABC has demanded the Institute of Public Affairs correct “erroneous and misleading claims” the public broadcaster said the rightwing lobby group made to a parliamentary committee…

“The IPA has a responsibility to the federal parliament, and in particular, the Senate committee, to make sure their submissions are accurate,” the ABC response to the IPA submission said.

“On this occasion, the IPA has made false and misleading claims in relation to the ABC and it should immediately correct the record.”

That’s called leading with your chin.

Here is the IPA submission — and a key section:

The ABC should be asked to explain what precisely is misleading in that statement.

I’ve noticed this strategy before – the ABC makes claims that someone has made a false statement and the record needs to be corrected. But when you dig down you find no such thing.

(In January they tried this stunt on me – an ABC press release responding to me was widely circulated among senior management at my employer.)

Sinclair Davidson is a professor of Institutional Economics with the RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub at RMIT University. This piece originally appeared on Catallaxy Files


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