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Incompetence abounds in Victoria – but I feel fully reassured

27 May 2021

4:06 PM

27 May 2021

4:06 PM

Having spent another 40 minutes of my life this morning — time I won’t get back — listening to senior Victorian government ministers shutting down the state, I feel fully reassured.

Reassured that is, that my earlier conclusions about their breathtaking incompetence is as accurate today, as it was when I first reached this view — quite some time ago.

Governments are fond of ‘snapshot’ updates for the punters.  Here’s one the Victorian Government has not placed before the electorate. 

Victoria today

The state with the worst-performing economy in the nation, debt well en-route to $130+ billion, the highest taxes, the highest unemployment rate and the most bloated public service.  To top it off – there are 100+ people in the government’s propaganda unit making up the “talking points’”for hapless Ministers to convince voters that “everything here is fine.”

When it comes to marshalling voter attention away from the truth to something more ‘electorally palatable’ the Andrews Government has no peer. 

The government is overseeing a propaganda operation (at taxpayer expense) on a stupendous scale, covering all social and conventional media platforms with the sole objective of keeping the truth from voters while giving ascendancy to gloss, obfuscation and message manipulation.  

Martin Foley, Health Minister of just over six months standing, is perhaps the least credible elected officeholder any of us have had the misfortune to be exposed to in the history of the state (not overlooking that that’s quite a statement). 

Foley is clearly out of his depth and confirms this with his every utterance.  Both he and Acting Premier James Merlino today underscored why Victorian taxpayers have every right to ask what they’re getting for their taxes and their loyalty.

Today, both these high paid parliamentarians could not pass the microphone quickly enough to stressed health officials — the ones that is that have thus far avoided being sacked by the absentee Premier (and former health minister) Daniel Andrews.  

The line of the day (within the crisis de jour) was “circuit breaker lockdown”.  The irony of the message was the spurious logic that such “circuit breakers” had worked so well in the past there was every reason to think this one would work too.

Nothing to see here was the message as this ‘elected mob’ cut a swathe through what’s left of the economy, the employment of tens of thousands of people and the family and personal arrangements of millions.  

Today, Victoria is a state in chaos.  A place buffeted by events and issues clearly beyond the wit of the government to either understand, manage or resolve.  Voters are hostage to ruthless political operators and media manipulators focused on their own survival at the expense of all others.

The abject failure of the state’s contact tracing processes reveals them as the worst in the nation.   To describe the Victorian approach to contact tracing as a system would be to bestow an entirely unworthy description.  There is no discernible system in the state.

Victoria is a state without a leader, without credibility and without hope.  What an astonishing achievement for a Labor government which, only a week ago at budget time, was parading its credentials as the best economic managers in the nation.

Whether Daniel Andrews returns to his Spring Street bunker or not is of zero consequence to voters or to the nation.

His reputation as Manipulator in Chief is rock solid and voters will have their chance to provide the only circuit breaker that matters at the next state election. 

Andrews would do well to remember the old political adage “the voter never gets it wrong”.

Let us hope for all our sakes the voter doesn’t get it wrong next time round and that the Opposition presents as a credible alternative. 

All Victorians deserve better. 

John Simpson is a Melbourne company director.

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