Anglican bishop: 'Never trust a Tory'

3 June 2021

4:10 PM

3 June 2021

4:10 PM

It would almost be funny if it wasn’t so mind-numbingly tedious. The Bishop of St Davids, the Right Reverend Dr Joanna Penberthy, has discovered Twitter. And we’ve discovered just what goes on inside the mind of a mid-ranking Anglican bore. It is, apparently, a rather angry place — not the quiet reflective serenity one might expect from a woman of God.

The bishop is a #FBPE Remainer headbanger who wants to #GTTO (get the Tories out). She is keen to let everyone knows that she ‘will forever remain a Welsh European’ and has been happily sharing nationalist propaganda — including comments by the SNP Covid adviser Devi Sridhar, erroneously claiming that the United Kingdom has held back Scotland’s Covid response (vaccines, anyone?). Included too are claims by the bishop that we are ‘in the foothills of fascism’ and tweets from other very angry Remainer types asking ‘who the fuck’ paid for Boris Johnson’s wedding.

The bishop is not averse to giving counsel to her 3,000 followers either, delivering not just spiritual but political guidance too. Penberthy, in reaction to the false claim that the Conservatives were planning to abolish the Senedd, tweeted:

Never never never trust a Tory

— 🖤🕷🌹🌟Joanna Penberthy WeAreRemain#GTTO#FBPE (@jo_penberthy) March 25, 2021

One must wonder what her parishioners in south Wales make of all of this. The bristling bishop seems keen to assert that these are somehow ‘personal views’ — as if a senior member of the Anglican clergy in Wales can simply say whatever they like provided they’re not wearing a mitre. If the views are personal, why are they being broadcast into the public sphere?

The bishop has now put out a predictably limp non-apology for the above tweet. Meanwhile, the poor people of South Wales are stuck with frothing political hackery in the place of spiritual enrichment.

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