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Dishonesty, thy name is Leftie

27 June 2021

6:01 PM

27 June 2021

6:01 PM

Now that two well-credentialed academics acceptable to the left have debunked Bruce Pascoe’s blindly acclaimed ‘history’ book Dark Emu as a work of largely fiction, we can also say it freely: it is, in short, dishonest. It is that dishonesty that gives it the stamp of authentic left-wing propaganda. 

Once were honest workers, but dishonesty is the currency of the new left in every aspect of politics and society. Dishonest representation of science underpins left-wing activism on climate change. All of it; here is just one egregious example: 97% of scientists agree that global warming is driven by fossil fuels. This claim was torn apart years ago but it is repeated (by uninformed warmist politicians and activists) because it’s a simple image (like that fake hockey stick graph) that can detonate a reasoned, rational argument. And the facts? The average concentration of CO2 in the earth’s atmosphere is 0.04%. Man-made CO2 represents between 3 – 4% of that. It’s minuscule. If that drives global warming, why doesn’t the naturally occurring 97%? (Here, the 97% is correct.)  

Is it because honest argument would not convince us? 

Lefty dishonesty is the norm at the ABC, which denies being biased. But, dear Ita, we don’t have to take the critics’ word for it. Just look at the company it keeps. Who supports or protects the ABC? Lefty midgets like the Greens (many of whose supporters employed by the ABC). Labor leader Anthony Albanese has promised to restore “$84 million cut from ABC funding” if it wins the next election, saying “It’s a precious national asset.”  Really?

Take Four Corner’s series of smears. More dishonest.

But then, dishonesty (some see it as not so much dishonesty but stupidity) and twisted language propels the new left’s entire social engineering agenda.

Just look at its key assertions:   

  • Australia is systemically racist (definition missing, assertion dishonest); 
  • If you deny that you are racist, that’s proof that you are racist (stupid); 
  • White privilege is like original sin. It can’t be undone or atoned for (stupid); 
  • Aboriginal deaths in custody are increasing (data contradiction – dishonest); 
  • People can choose their own gender, sex is a construct (really stupid); 
  • Equity’ means treating people quite differently, even prejudicially so, to even the playing field for our past sins of economic, social, political, and cultural inequity; 
  • ‘Hate speech’ is a phrase dishonestly weaponised to disparage any ideological opponent – eg: I think all lives matter; and 
  • Add your own examples (stupid or dishonest).

Most of all, surprisingly, the dishonest pronouncements can be shown to be contrary to observable truths.

Perhaps that’s why they seem so stupid — which brings me to the observation by the late and great American columnist Charles Krauthammer, that to understand politics you have to remember that the left thinks the right is evil and the right thinks the left is stupid. 

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