Do you truly believe Joe Biden is in his right mind?

18 June 2021

4:29 AM

18 June 2021

4:29 AM

Liberal journalists and politicos are obsessed with the truth. The truth, besides Donald J. Trump and Fox News, is their favorite topic.

In October, former Clinton administration secretary of labor Robert Reich called for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to help name every person ‘whose greed and cowardice enabled this catastrophe’. In February, New York Times columnist Kevin Roose suggested President Biden appoint a ‘reality czar’. Speaking of Biden, during a campaign stop in 2020, Joe told a crowd in Iowa that ‘we choose truth over facts’. After the speech, MSNBC informed their readers that Trump supporters were pouncing on Biden’s ‘harmless mistake’. CNN’s Brian Stelter once whined that ‘facts are no match for delicious fiction, now that America lacks a shared reality’.

So here is my sincere question for the Democrats so devoted to veracity: do you truly believe Joe Biden is in his right mind?

Before you tell me I’m cruel for asking, save it. The press had zero issue wondering the same thing about ‘the former guy’. The Atlantic asked, ‘Is There Something Neurologically Wrong With Donald Trump? USA Today wrote, ‘Trump’s cognitive deficits seem worse. We need to know if he has dementia: Psychologist’. Cable experts and pundits would diagnose President Trump from afar. In the eyes of the press, Trump’s every oddity, including the way in which he held his water bottle, was reason enough to invoke the 25th Amendment.

But now we have a commander-in-chief who can barely get through a complete sentence and suddenly there is utter denial from most of the media. Joe Biden repeatedly mutters that he is going to ‘get in trouble’ for talking to the press and only takes questions from a pre-selected list of reporters. During one especially concerning rambling, Biden mixed up Syria and Libya three times. He carries around notecards yet still seems unable to stay on track. And last but certainly not least, he gets irritable.

While leaving his last presser in Geneva, the President berated CNN journalist Kaitlan Collins when she had the audacity to ask an actual question about his meeting with Putin. ‘Why are you so confident he’ll change his behavior Mr President?’

Like a German Shepherd whose tail had just been yanked, Biden darted back to the press corps in a huff. ‘What in the…? Why do you do that all the time? I said what will change their behavior is if the rest of the world reacts to them and it diminishes their standing in the world. I’m not confident of anything. I’m just stating a fact,’ he yelled.

Collins then asked, ‘How does that account to a constructive meeting?’

Biden, clearly exhausted from a later lid than usual, snapped, ‘If you don’t understand that, you’re in the wrong business.’

But Joe and his glass jaw weren’t done yet. Later, when he arrived at the tarmac, Biden continued whining about the negative press corps before boarding Air Force One. The entire spectacle was a chaotic and bizarre end to a disastrous week. Unless of course you ask CNN’s senior political commentator David Axelrod. In which case, Joe Biden nailed it!

Axelrod, like a good lapdog, was defending Biden from mean reporters on Twitter. He fawned, ‘The guy pretty much aced the week. Navigated the summit and presser very well, and made a silly mistake on his way out of the last presser by stopping to snap at a reporter, saying out loud what every president feels at times. Calm down, everyone.’

Am I reading that right? Axelrod thought Biden ‘aced’ the week? To quote Mugatu from Zoolander — ‘I feel like I’m taking crazy pills here!’ Do the reliable sources from CNN watch a different video feed than the rest of us mere mortals? Also, since when are we excusing a president’s disrespect toward reporters David — and female reporters at that!?

When Trump told CBS’s Weijia Jiang to keep her voice down during a press conference last April, Axelrod tweeted in disgust, ‘Keep your voice down?!?’ When Trump told Yamiche Alcindor to ‘be nice’, a #WeLoveYamiche hashtag began trending on Twitter nationwide. Axelrod weighed in, ‘.@Yamiche is a fine reporter with extraordinary restraint.’ But when Biden loses it on one of CNN’s own reporters, Axelrod gives him a pass?

Trump’s mistakes were misogynistic, manipulative, monstrous, appalling and unforgivable. Biden’s mistakes are ‘silly’ and ‘harmless’. Joe Biden treats the press like dirt when they dare ask any questions that aren’t centered around what flavor of ice cream he is shoveling into his face that day. In response to his hostility, the defenders of our democracy become more obedient and subservient to their hero.

The leftist journalist Glenn Greenwald sees through the smokescreen: ‘Joe Biden can barely complete a sentence. Half the time he drifts off in the middle of his words. He’s constantly bowing his head and muttering about how he’ll “get in trouble” if he continues. Nobody is fucking afraid of him. Stop feeding liberal hordes this warped pablum.’

So one more time, for the ‘hate has no home here’ crowd, I’m going to ask a simple question. The question is not if you regret voting for Joe Biden or if you think Joe Biden is ‘better than the last guy’. I know the answers to those questions. You would vote for Biden again and again if it meant getting rid of Trump. You have no regrets.

But when you watch him on the world stage, are you able to admit that there is something cognitively wrong with Joe Biden? If you aren’t able to admit it aloud or to your liberal friends, can you — at the very least — admit it to yourself?

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