Remainers declare war on Fox's biscuits

21 June 2021

3:51 PM

21 June 2021

3:51 PM

Next Thursday is election day in the Batley and Spen by-election and with polls showing a six point Tory lead, it’s no surprise CCHQ has been stepping up its ground game there. Boris Johnson was deployed on Friday to visit the constituency, taking in Batley’s largest employer, Fox’s biscuit factory, the home of kids’ favourite party rings. Asked for his favourite biscuit, a suitably on message PM told local hacks: ‘My favourite biscuit I had today was a Fox’s jam and cream I think it’s called. It was terrific’

Unfortunately for Fox’s the Prime Minister’s visit has gone down less favourably on social media, with some of the most notorious Remainiac accounts using it as a chance to dunk on the popular biscuit manufacturer. An innocuous post declaring the company was ‘proud’ to have hosted Johnson was seized upon as evidence of the crunch cream makers’ Brexit bias, with scores of FBPE accounts declaring they would boycott sports biscuits et al in protest.


.@foxs_biscuits “Proud” hosting Boris Johnson at their Batley site today. Another company to boycott. 🏴‍☠️

— The Churchill Project (@WinstonCProject) June 18, 2021

Whipped up by the ‘Churchill Project’ – a humourless transatlantic import that would surely fall foul of the Trade Descriptions Act – the confectionery police descended on the hapless factory’s social media pages to berate the biscuit-eers, demand a retraction and question whether it was a Tory donor. On Facebook, accounts queued up, Spartacus-style, to declare that they too would never eat the company’s treats again, venting at the Viennese and raging at the rocky rocks in sworn declarations of abstinence.


After a rocky few hours on social media, Fox’s crumbled and deleted their tweet. Such anger really does take the biscuit – Mr S hopes other companies hosting Johnson in future have more twix up their sleeves when it comes to dealing with such a storm in a teacup.<//>

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