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Trolling the Queen

7 June 2021

2:18 PM

7 June 2021

2:18 PM

The Ginger and the Whinger have welcomed a daughter into the world, Lilibet “Lili” Diana Mountbatten-Windsor.

We should all be thanking our lucky stars that they didn’t call her Georgina Floyd or something similar, but that name is seriously weird.

“Lilibet”, of course, was the Queen’s childhood nickname, based on her childhood mispronunciation of Elizabeth. Some of her very closest friends and family members still know her by that name.

By giving the name to their daughter, Meghan and Harry are either engaging in some spectacular sucking up — or trolling. You almost have to believe it’s the latter, given the way they’ve put the boot into the monarchy and members of the royal family themselves.

Elizabeth Diana would have looked like an attempt to make amends, but “Lilibet”, a baby name that they’ve already abbreviated down to “Lili”?

True, there is an infinitesimal chance Lili is a nod to some long-forgotten Saxe-Coburg Gotha ancestor who waged a war for woke in Prussia in the 1870s, but it’s unlikely.

It’s trolling — and this whole episode is yet another example of why the Sussex are ingrateful, insulting and insincere or (at the very best) just plain weird.

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