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When’s Four Corners coming for Alfred Deakin?

16 June 2021

11:04 AM

16 June 2021

11:04 AM

When is Four Corners coming for Alfred Deakin? He’s been dead for 102 years so can’t sue, surely an advantage in light of recent events.

Deakin wasn’t a prime minister who had a mate who knew a man who had a dog that once wagged his tail when he was patted by a woman whose husband posted some strange stuff on Twitter according to the bloke’s sister, who hates him (or whatever Monday’s program was about). Deakin was the real thing.

The Museum of Australian Democracy website tells us:

[Alfred] Deakin had an intense religious faith and sought spiritual transformation through mystical insight into the nature of God. He studied world religions, philosophy and science in order to understand the unity of all life and the wisdom of the universe. He wrote about yoga and karma and, like many people of his era and background, explored mysticism and the Occult. He attended séances and channelled messages from mediums. In 1877 he became president of the Victorian Association of Spiritualists, and was for a short time a member of the Theosophical Society.

“An intense religious faith.” That’s surely enough to do you down in the eyes of not only the ABC, but most of the MSM — even before we get to the “yoga and karma”, the “mysticism and the Occult” and the “séances and… messages from mediums”.

Or does that last part cancel out the first in the eyes of Four Corners and simply make Deakin a prototype Green?

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