Will Biden’s stricter gun laws apply in his own household?

26 June 2021

2:12 AM

26 June 2021

2:12 AM

President Biden’s White House, like his jaw, is made of glass. But you have to give the 78-year-old credit: he never stops throwing stones. As he took the podium on Wednesday to introduce his new ‘anti-crime’ bill, Joe’s hypocrisy was dazzling.

The man who once told his wife that if she were ever concerned for her safety, she should take a ‘double-barrel shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house’, lectured the American people on ghost guns, ‘F-15s’ and nukes. With his usual mix of slurring and smugness, Biden mocked gun owners with dismissive jokes about their right to bear arms. As he discussed a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, Biden preached, ‘no one needs to have a weapon that can fire over 30, 40, 50, even up to 100 rounds unless you think the deer are wearing Kevlar vests or something’. He must have thought it was funny because he later repeated the joke. The press corps did not laugh. Stupid bastards.

But perhaps the richest part of his alarmingly disjointed address was when the President explained the importance of background checks.

‘I’ve been at this a long time and there are things we know that work that reduce gun violence and violent crime, and things that we don’t know about. But things we know about: background checks for purchasing a firearm are important.’

But Mr President — what about lying on background checks? Is that important?

In case you missed it, Politico ran a story in March about a strange incident involving Hunter Biden and his then-girlfriend, who is also his late brother Beau’s widow, Hallie Jackson. According to the story, Hallie found a .38 revolver in Hunter’s pickup truck.

‘Hallie took the gun to Janssen’s Market, a nearby high-end grocery store where the Bidens are longtime regular customers. There, she tossed the gun, wrapped in a black shopping bag, into a trash bin outside of the store.’

When Hallie went back later to retrieve the gun, it was gone.

Judging by his memoir Beautiful Things, his several TV interviews and his ‘Laptop from Hell’ diary entries, Hunter was a well-documented drug addict during this ‘gun in trashcan’ period. Will he be investigated? If background checks are as important as Joe claims, shouldn’t we look into how someone like Hunter, who bragged about snorting parmesan cheese, managed to pass one? Some lawmakers are pushing the ATF to probe Hunter’s paperwork. If Hunter lied on the background check, that would be a felony.

Of course nothing will ever happen to the President’s son. Short of a whispery talking to from the Big Guy, Hunter is in the clear. He can continue writing crappy books, appearing on Jimmy Kimmel, sending racial slurs via text to his friends, blowing ink onto canvas and hiring expensive green-eyed Russian prostitutes.

These gun laws that are so vital — well, they are for thee, not for he.

Joe Biden will not offer the evil gun-shop dealers the same kind of lenient treatment he gives his wayward son. Instead he will punish regular Americans for crimes he knows they did not commit.

When it comes to crime, Joe Biden has no problem laying the blame on gun shop owners, ‘F-15s’ and loopholes. He would never point his finger at degenerate criminals. After all, that would hit a bit too close to home.

Perhaps the President should start small with his anti-gun agenda. Maybe he can try out these anti-gun policies on Hunter and let us know how it goes. Elvis Presley once sang, ‘Clean up your own backyard. Oh don’t you hand me, don’t you hand me none of your lines. Clean up your own backyard. You tend to your business; I’ll tend to mine.’

President Biden should put down his bowl of chocolate chocolate- chip ice cream, look outside the glass walls and into his own backyard. There is plenty of cleaning up to do.

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