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Australia is turning into a prison colony (again)

At all levels we are seeing power without responsibility

31 July 2021

9:00 AM

31 July 2021

9:00 AM

‘Can you identify one major problem facing Australia, which, if it were not created by the politicians, has not been made significantly worse by them?’

This is a question I sometimes ask, especially when invited to speak on the pressing need for Australians to take back their country before the politicians destroy it.

Sometimes people answer that you can hardly blame politicians for natural disasters, such as bushfires and floods. Others disagree, pointing out that it was politicians who tied up vast parts of the country, turning them into fuel reserves for bushfires and vetoing the building of the vast network of dams needed to green and develop the country and provide some defence against flooding.

These days some will answer my question by saying ‘Covid-19’.

Like the neo-Marxist appropriation of ‘gender’, Covid-19 is a term I avoid. For me it is the Wuhan virus, with some preferring the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus. Covid-19 is the name preferred by the CCP, persuading their puppet the WHO to give it respectability. Why use it?

It was shown to be likely over a year ago (for which this column was much criticised) that the virus was engineered in an army-linked communist laboratory in Wuhan. Worse, it was released into an unknowing world by the regime which hid the fact that those many returning from New Year celebrations were likely to be infected and even denied human-to-human infection was possible. And as explained here, while it was courageous, it was pointless for our politicians to call for a WHO investigation. There was a way to do it — especially when there was a real president in the White House — to recover the massive reparations to which this nation is more than entitled.

As to the Wuhan virus not being another problem which the politicians made significantly worse, controlling it at the beginning was a pushover when you remember we are a remote island (or two). All the politicians had to do was control entry and assess the disease. It was soon obvious that what they had to do was protect the easily identifiable vulnerable, remind people of the traditional rules of hygiene and, as soon as they were available, provide a wide range of vaccines to be accessed, always with the most fully informed consent.

But instead of following world’s best practice, the politicians insisted on imposing lockdowns and state border closures at enormous national, personal and financial cost all totally unnecessary and certainly not needed for the purpose given, flattening the curve. This is code for being able to accommodate all the sick into the allocated hospital beds. There was never any difficulty in doing this, which did not stop the politicians from needlessly suspending elective surgery with serious consequences for many.

The politicians did not and do not even now properly control our international borders. This was made obvious to me when I flew home in late March 2020 and it was evident to the nation with the Ruby Princess debacle. This was also the cause of the current Berejiklian-Hazzard Cluster which followed the failure to heed warnings to regulate limousine drivers for airline crews. An open question remains: is the entry of the crews now adequately controlled?

It was probably a slip-up when medical supremo Dr Chant revealed recently that the closure of the NSW construction industry was not made on medical grounds. The unintended consequence is that she has revealed that the lawfulness of the relevant order made under the Public Health Act is now in question.

Given that all action taken concerning lockdowns is claimed to be justified on  ‘medical advice’, we can expect that Dr Chant will be counselled about her statement. She will no doubt be reminded that medical advice, or the lack of it, is to be kept as secret as the Turnbullian plans to turn French nuclear submarines into retro diesel versions.

‘The medical advice’ is no doubt often as much a cover for absolute tosh as the global warmist mantra ‘the science is settled’ and as was its predecessor blank cheque, the very tired ‘precautionary principle’.

The Berejiklian regime has, incidentally, now obtained international notoriety with the high-rating Dan Bongino Show on US Fox News, headlining a story as ‘Australia is turning into a prison colony’.

It is not only in relation to the Wuhan virus where we see the politicians destroying the country, it is also in the mismanagement of policies ranging from those as crucial as defence to education.

The failure of the Prime Minister to provide leadership and to insist that borders remain open and to withdraw support from lockdowns has created the unfortunate illusion that the states have been restored to what was constitutionally intended.

This was that they would be powerful and sovereign, and different to the Canadian provinces which were deliberately designed to be weaker than the American states in what was envisaged to be a more centralised federation.

But over a century of unconstitutional malarkey, centralist politicians and judges have converted the Australian states into mendicants on the centre in a way unknown in Canada and unknown in any comparable federation in the world. Now dependent for over 80 per cent of their income on Canberra, a mix of mindless policies endorsed by the major parties— especially Big Australia immigration, No Dams and No Nuclear Power — means state capitals are over-crowded, over-represented and overdraw vast resources from their provinces.

But Morrisson’s disinterest in maintaining the fundamental principle that state borders be open and his willingness to underwrite delinquent power-crazy premiers has allowed them to exercise power without responsibility, a power which Stanley Baldwin rightly described as the prerogative of the harlot down the ages.

This is a prerogative which another prime minister, someone with the moral strength of a Tony Abbott, would have exposed as the fantasy it is and pulled the rug on the delinquents.

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