Corbyn crashes Corbyn's protest

21 July 2021

1:12 AM

21 July 2021

1:12 AM

Two Corbyns descended on Downing Street today as Westminster was treated to a family reunion. The first, the better-known Jeremy, was there to hand in a petition with nurses and MPs calling for a 15 per cent pay rise for health workers. The second was older sibling Piers, the ever-eccentric disseminator of anti-vaccine materials, who earlier in the afternoon had shouted about his ‘unconditional support for my brother’ outside the nearby Labour party head office.

While Jeremy waited patiently to be let into the street on which he once nearly lived, Piers did his best to steal his brother’s thunder, shouting into a microphone ‘No more lockdowns! End the Covid con!’ The poor gun-toting Downing Street policemen could only watch through the black iron gates as the blue scrubs of protesting nurses mingled with the dishevelled critics of the government’s pandemic response. Jeremy meanwhile was joined at the street entrance by Labour MPs Ian Byrne and Lloyd Russell-Moyle – both former comrades of the Socialist Campaign Group – as tourists gazed upon the scene with awe.

New: Piers Corbyn’s anti vaxxers have grate crashed Jeremy Corbyn’s NHS 15% pay rise protest outside Downing Street

— James Heale (@JAHeale) July 20, 2021

Mr S caught up with Piers in between his various Covid rants. Asked whether the former Labour leader is yet to have his first jab, the anti-vaxxer replied: ‘I don’t know if Jeremy has taken the vaccine’ adding he would be disappointed if he did ‘because he might die.’ Talk about Piers pressure. He added that Jeremy ‘doesn’t like Keir Starmer’ because ‘he is a liar and a traitor.’ With brothers like these, who needs enemies?

Of course, Boris Johnson will have remained blissfully ignorant of such shenanigans outside his house because he is currently residing some 43 miles away at Chequers in self-isolation. Protesting No. 10 when nobody’s home? Only the Corbyns eh.<//>

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