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17 July 2021

9:00 AM

17 July 2021

9:00 AM

Upholding the truth in a time of universal deceit

Australia’s disproportionate March 2020 response to the Covid pandemic has morphed into something more sinister. We are now living in what Orwell called in 1939 ‘a time of universal deceit’ – when ‘we have… sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men…. In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act’.

Let me attempt four restatements of the obvious.

First, Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s 18 March 2020 claim that this is a ‘once-in-100-year’ type event is a lie. This pandemic is at worst in the range of the Asian flu of 1957 or the Hong Kong flu of 1968 – for neither of which did the world shut down.

There were fifty million global deaths in 1918-1919 from the Spanish flu when the world’s population was 1.8 billion. The current population is 7.9 billion. How many people would need to die today if the Covid pandemic was in the league of the Spanish flu?

The answer – 219 million – is trivially obvious to any secondary school student. As well as the fact that the four million Covid deaths being reported by Worldometers today are 56 times fewer than 219 million. But no one in the government or in the media seems capable of making these calculations.

The other day I plotted Sweden’s deaths per million over the past 20 years in a chart. I jumbled the calendar years, so that 2020 – the year when Covid supposedly caused havoc in no-lockdown Sweden – was not the last bar in the chart. I then took the chart to the streets of Melbourne and asked people to identify the bar for the year 2020. No one could. That’s because there is no obvious signal of a pandemic in 2020 in Sweden’s mortality data. In nine out of the previous twenty years Sweden’s death rate has been higher than in 2020, and for three out of the remaining eleven years it has been the same as in 2020.

The second major deceit involves the government’s refusal to discuss the Chinese Communist Party’s dastardly role in precipitating the mass hysteria of 2020. Even an obtuse observer can readily confirm that the videos which poured out of China from 24 January 2020 – such as of people falling suddenly to the ground – were fake. Nothing of that sort has happened elsewhere. I sent a 40-page letter to the Director-General of ASIO in January 2021 with extensive details about the CCP’s involvement but they’ve probably never heard of the People’s Liberation Army 1999 book, Unrestricted Warfare, so they seem happy for Australia’s security be compromised.

The third deceit involves the claim by governments that their policies (lockdowns, quarantines, extended border closures) are ‘scientific’. Far from it. These policies contradict the World Health Organisation’s October 2019 guidelines and Australia’s own pandemic plans. Lockdowns have never worked in human history and have been rejected as an option in the literature because of the harm they cause. International border closures and quarantines have also been long discredited, at least since the 1960s. And contact tracing is only recommended in the initial stages to scope the nature of a virus.

These totalitarian policies have originated from China, with Xi Jinping himself having invented the Wuhan lockdown. China’s official agencies, diplomats and CCP members then pressurised Western leaders, officials and scientists to similarly lock down. Unlike Sweden, Australia’s governments dumped their pandemic plans and committed national suicide by paying millions of young, able-bodied people with little Covid risk to sit at home. Further, innumerable businesses will never recover from the lockdowns.

The fourth big deceit is the insistence by governments and the media that lockdowns don’t cause any harm. For example, on 16 April 2020, the ABC slandered me for saying that lockdowns cause massive harms. Their ‘fact check’ would get an F grade in any university assignment. The truth is that not only did all studies prior to 2020 confirm the deadly nature of lockdowns but tens of studies since March 2020 have done so. Sajid Javid, the UK Health Secretary, has admitted that lockdowns cost lives. A study has shown that one out of ten Victorians had seriously contemplated suicide during last year’s lockdowns.

Universal deceit can only be sustained by stifling dissent. We see that everywhere. Brett Sutton and Matthew Guy blocked me on Twitter for asking questions. Craig Kelly had to leave the Liberal party for asking questions. The government-owned ABC has refused to let me rebut its bogus ‘fact-check’ of my claims. Social media companies have driven off their platforms thousands of ethical, diligent citizens (even those with PhDs – like me) who asked questions.

This dystopian nightmare must be stopped. We can’t let the forces of deceit succeed. Australia can’t shut down every time there is a pandemic that is slightly worse than a bad flu.

I intend to fight this politically. On 15 June 2021, I lodged the application of Australia’s Representatives party for registration with the AEC. If registered in time, this fledgling political party will take on everyone who has broken Australia’s laws.

In the meantime, we can all do something. We can show people the truth and relieve them of their fear and anxiety. And we can demand that governments revert to our approved pandemic plans. That will mean opening the borders, no quarantines, no QR codes, no mandatory masks, no lockdowns, the sick to stay at home and a focus on protecting the elderly.

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Sanjeev Sabhlok is a senior leader of Australia’s Representatives Party

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