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Don’t sacrifice children to the Covid gods

The pushing of vaccines onto the young is obscene

10 July 2021

9:00 AM

10 July 2021

9:00 AM

On 30 June, explaining why she declined ‘to ask young, fit, healthy people to put their health on the line getting a vaccine that could potentially, significantly harm them’ by taking the AstraZeneca vaccine, Queensland’s Chief Health Officer and governor-designate Dr Jeanette Young said: ‘I don’t want an 18-year-old in Queensland dying from a clotting illness who, if they got Covid, probably wouldn’t die’. I’ve been strongly critical of Dr Young for lack of compassion in the fanatic devotion to zero Covid, but on this she is right. Smearing her as an anti-vaxxer, as many did instantly, is demonstrably false: she backs all recommended vaccines for all people; she supports Covid vaccination; and she still supports even non-AZ Covid vaccination for the under-40s. Denying the need to balance the risks for specific cohorts, and denying the reality of the current contested state of scientific knowledge amidst much uncertainty, far from building confidence, increases scepticism. Also on 30 June, Professor Robert Dingwall, a member of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation that advises the UK government, said teenagers are at ‘intrinsically low risk from Covid’ and may be ‘better protected by natural immunity generated through infection than by asking them to take the “possible” risk of a vaccine’.

The instinct to protect offspring is one of the most powerful in nature across all species, with examples only too common of parents, especially mothers, sacrificing themselves in the desperate effort to save their young. It’s testament to the evil that has taken hold following the fear induced in people by deliberate psychological campaigns of terror propaganda, aided and abetted by mainstream and social media, that large numbers of people in Western societies have actively colluded with governments in imposing harms on children. This must be the first occasion in history that we have made children bear the heaviest costs, with futures mortgaged to massive debts, educational opportunities drastically curtailed and exposure to potentially harmful and even lethal medical interventions just so the old can cling on to life without meaning for a few more years. Remember, in almost all Western countries the average age of Covid death is higher than the average life expectancy. The mortality risk to children, by contrast, is lower by a thousandfold. And we have come to this sorry state in a peculiarly child-centric age that has progressively eliminated risks to children as a natural part of growing up and there is concentrated focus on their mental health as well. A new article in JAMA Pediatrics, a journal of the American Medical Association, shows that children who wear masks for long periods breathe in high levels of CO2. Reacting to the study Professor Jay Bhattacharya, co-author of the Great Barrington Declaration and one of my personal heroes on the pandemic, said on Fox News that ‘the evidence on masking is just getting worse and worse…. It really is starting to seem like a form of child abuse’.

But wait, it gets worse. Last month Dr Sam White made a viral video on why he resigned from the UK’s National Health Service. On 2 July his lawyers sent a formal letter to the NHS challenging the legality of rolling out the vaccine program in breach of the legal requirements for clinicians to obtain the free and informed consent of patients. The letter further alleges that mask mandates in NHS settings are in breach of common law obligations to do no harm. I have argued previously that vaccines should be made available for all adults but mandatory for none, because their trials have not been completed. Instead, the vaccines have been granted emergency authorisation in recognition of the urgency and gravity of the Covid threat, and the questionable claims of a lack of alternative treatments. Israel is among the highest-vaccinated countries in the world, yet its ‘experts’ are still warning of a tripling of cases in the next fortnight. The reality is that, most likely owing to the combination of vaccines, natural immunity through coronavirus or related infections, decreasing virulence alongside higher infectiousness of new variants, and the ‘harvesting’ effect that has killed off the pool of the most vulnerable cohorts already, the link between ‘infections’ wrongly labelled as cases and hospitalisation, ICU admissions and deaths seems to have been broken.

Given the strikingly age-segregated threat of Covid, in Western countries at least the benefits-harms calculus flips for younger cohorts as we move down the age ladder. As in so many other aspects of its pandemic management, the World Health Organisation – remember, it’s not the equivalent of a world academy of medical sciences but an international bureaucracy whose pathologies of politicised recruitment, promotion, corruption and waste are often worse than that of national bureaucracies – has been all over the place on vaccine recommendation for children. And different countries too have adopted different strategies when it comes to children. To put it bluntly, against the extremely low serious risk from Covid, the likely greater risk from vaccines and the completely unknown long-term effects of the new-technology vaccines, had I young children, I’d resist to the death if necessary attempts to jab them. Fortunately, I don’t have to make that choice.

But Francis Christian is a pro-vaccine doctor with a conscience who has been suspended by the University of Saskatchewan in Canada for advocating for informed consent before vaccinating children. An audio recording of his ‘hearing’ can be found at https://www.dropbox.com/s/5rv1galfv8npa3g/2021-06-23_08-26-55.wav?dl=0 (the 15-minute session begins at about the 5-minute mark). He references Stalinist and Nazi practices and the province’s chief medical officer is too lacking in self-awareness to realise how her conduct validates his comparison.

Astonishingly for the importance of the issues raised, a search for ‘Dr Francis Christian Saskatchewan’ on the websites of the two national papers, the liberal Globe and Mail and the right-of centre National Post, returned zero results (4 July).

A new study from France strongly supports Drs Christian’s and Young’s argument. It notes the ‘substantially higher’ number of Covid deaths averted than caused by vaccines in the over-55s, but a reversal of the benefit-risk balance in younger age groups. In 30-39 year-olds, six deaths are averted but nine caused and in the 18-29 group, 12 deaths result against four averted. The negative balance would, of course, be even more pronounced in those 17 and younger.

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