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No campaign to arm ourselves against the government?*

11 July 2021

3:31 PM

11 July 2021

3:31 PM

The luvvies on Twitter are going wild because the government is unveiling a vaccination campaign that has a military officer in charge and not a traditional public servant.

To be honest, the traditional public servants have stuffed things up enough already – so why give them another go? Furthermore, it is long overdue that the Coalition realises that public servants are not their allies.

So my first reaction was a bit flippant — as you can see in the title — but it actually a clever campaign. Of course, those who hate Australia, and want to see us fail, and have the economy permanently locked up or locked down are going to hate it.

In the meantime, you should get vaccinated.  Despite my hopes, I haven’t developed any superpowers since being vaccinated. No magnetism. No connecting directly to 5G.

* Joke.

Sinclair Davidson is a professor of Institutional Economics with the RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub at RMIT University. This piece originally appeared on Catallaxy Files.

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