Cameron snubs Osborne

17 August 2021

2:14 AM

17 August 2021

2:14 AM

The papers have been full of speculation this month about rumours of a rift between Rishi Sunak and Boris Johnson. The pair are reported to have clashed over travel quarantine rules amid speculation about Sunak’s designs on the top job.

Such tensions are nothing new in Westminster politics of course – not for nothing has the relationship between Numbers 10 and 11 Downing Street been described as the ‘San Andreas Fault’ which runs through British government.

But it appears the pair are not the only Chancellor and Prime Minister to have fallen out in recent months. David Cameron and George Osborne appear to be experiencing a rift of their own, judging by the Old Etonian’s Instagram activity.

Whereas Osborne still follows his former leader’s page, Cameron no longer reciprocates for his onetime Chancellor with one source suggesting to Steerpike the latter had ‘unfollowed’ the BlackRock banker. Shots fired, as the kids say.

It has to be said neither man has much taken to the popular social media page. Despite boasting a professional headshot and his old title of ‘Evening Standard editor’ Osborne is yet to post any content for his 39 followers. The austerity Chancellor indeed.

Cameron’s insta page meanwhile has just three pictures – one of some knitwear in Chipping Norton and the other two dedicated to the baking efforts of his daughter Nancy. Perhaps he remains wary of the power of pictures, having been snapped snoozing on his sister in laws bed on Instagram back in 2013.

Politicians still followed by Cameron include fellow Notting Hill members Ed Vaizey and Hugo Swire. To add insult to injury for Osborne, Cameron still follows his fellow Old Etonian Boris Johnson – the man whom he is said to privately hold responsible for costing him his premiership.

Perhaps it is time for George to up his Insta grame?  <//>

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