Is there anything ‘new’ or ‘shocking’ about the latest Hunter Biden scandal?

14 August 2021

2:26 AM

14 August 2021

2:26 AM

The prodigal son returns without his pants.

Hunter Biden, the male heir of the 46th president, was caught hanging brain with a prostitute, again. The creeps over at the Daily Mail obtained the video which was recorded in January 2019. In a chyron, Fox News described the footage of Hunter as ‘new’ and ‘shocking’ — but frankly it’s neither.

In the clip, Hunter recounts how he lost a laptop filled with his raunchy sex tapes while passed out in a pool. According to the Daily Mail, the conversation occurred after Biden and the unidentified woman had sex. So romantic. And you thought your pillow talk was awkward.

‘They have videos of me doing this. They have videos of me doing like fucking crazy [expletive] sex [expletive],’ Biden said in the video.

‘But how long ago did this happen,’ the woman asked.

‘Last summer,’ Biden responded.

Conservatives are now taking Hunter’s rambling account at face value and claiming that Biden lost three laptop computers, including the one he left at a Delaware repair shop and another seized by federal agents in Massachusetts.

Hunter also hinted in the video transcript that Russians may have access to this unknown third laptop. If so, this would mean a rival foreign power has blackmail-level material on the First Son similar to the alleged Trump ‘pee tape’ mentioned in the Steele Dossier. Biden appeared to suggest he might earn a profit from whatever the thief made by selling the videos to gossip websites.

Opponents of the Biden regime were quick to jump on this development without examining the source of the story itself: Hunter Biden. During the period when the video was shot, he was addicted to crack cocaine, in a state of mania and choking down whatever other cocktail of drugs. Anyone who’s met a junkie in the middle of a crack binge knows they aren’t a reliable source of information, even when it comes to their own life. Also, if you’re not a Joe Biden fan, shouldn’t you consider how these developments might indirectly lend credence to the conspiracy theory that Russia leaked all this information on Hunter to hurt his father’s 2020 chances and elect Trump?

Clearly, Hunter has been in an identity crisis his entire adult life. His last name is the source of all that he has — perks and problems alike. Without his father’s career, he’s nobody. Some affluent scions manage to cope with this knowledge through healthier vices — but not Hunter. The Daily Mail story will fizzle out before Sunday, but Hunter’s demons are permanent. With his father ruling the country from Delaware, and his wife and children estranged, Cockburn can’t help but feel pity for the lad. Loneliness is a constant reminder of your past. Those who can’t escape it usually don’t last long.

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