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No longer creative destruction

Instead, we have destructive incompetence

7 August 2021

9:00 AM

7 August 2021

9:00 AM

No longer, as Shakespeare might have said, ‘this other Eden, demi-paradise,’ a land of gradually advancing  prosperity, based on liberty, under the rule of law, a parliamentary democracy with responsible government, and living with the creative destruction that only prospers under free enterprise, private property and limited government, Australia was some years ago ago sold out by those whom the people trusted, the politicians and the elites, to Beijing’s genocidal thugs.

Australia is, as John of Gaunt lamented, now ‘bound in with shame, with inky blots and rotten parchment bonds’, governed by the destructive incompetence of a corrupt political class and other elites whose primary concern is their self-interest.

The genocidal thugs have delivered their ultimate reward, a manufactured virus, closing down many trading arrangements in breach of a solemn treaty along  with an increasing threat of war. Hong Kong has gone and Taiwan is on the list .

We should not forget that we were told by those who claim to know better, the political class and the elites, that if we gave Beijing our jobs and our IP, they would be converted into an increasingly democratic law-abiding friend buying more from us while we concentrated on being a ‘smart economy’. Having earlier unilaterally abandoned our protection, we allowed their entities disguised as free enterprise companies to take precisely what they wanted, a range of our premium and strategic assets all at bargain basement prices.

And having taken away the morale of our army and expropriated the military acquisitions budget for short term political advantage, and eight years ago triggering a now forgotten worldwide media story which, without evidence, condemned Australian athletes as drug cheats, we can at least rejoice in the honour our athletes  bring to the nation by making Australia the golden leader of the Tokyo Olympics.

Apart from these strokes of genius, the politicians have moved on education, by disastrously lowering standards compared with other countries in literacy, mathematics and science, while increasingly teaching fake history.

Above all the politicians and elites have put all our eggs into one basket.

This is what expert Professor Ian Plimer calls ‘the biggest scientific fraud that has ever occurred’, the man-made global warming hoax. A recently published Science article says climate scientists themselves now admit that their climate models are ‘implausible’ and ‘a little too alarmist’. Beijing must be laughing at our leaders’ gullibility and their foolish bi-partisan determination to destroy Australia.

With this hopeless record, but taking the credit for what is the result of our geography, the politicians are seriously mishandling the Wuhan virus. Ruling by fear like tinpot dictators, encouraging un-Australian informers, revelling in the fortune which each receives in taxpayers’ hard-earned funds, a salary of up to $11,000 each and every week, our power-drunk incompetent political leaders are demanding increasingly minute control of the people, imposing lockdowns long demonstrated to be useless with consequent unbearable burdens on the people, especially the locked-up working class.

That the excess mortality rate is negative (i.e, fewer people are dying than on average), all the politicians had to do, apart from extract reparations from Beijing, was to protect the vulnerable and, as Rebecca Weisser has long been arguing in The Speccie, make any proven medicines readily available, such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

The lockdowns exposed as the failures they would always be, they load yet  another silver bullet.

This is to mandate, against the principles of the Nuremberg Code, injections with experimental vaccines.

We are condemned every day now to see or hear stories which shame this nation.

One was a video of the dutifully masked Health Minister marching off from a press conference instructing his staff and, when out of TV camera range, not just taking off his mask, but ripping it off as if it were some cosmetic burden to be borne only as a theatrical appendage .

Another was when I was crossing a park behind Bondi Beach and saw a girl reading a book on the grass far away from other people, no danger to anyone, harassed by police who ordered her home contrary to the rights with which she is endowed in a free country .

Then there was the report of a young father who drove with his family from the small apartment he must live in because the politicians have ensured that small homes with land on the world’s most sparsely populated continent are among the world’s most expensive. As he opened the car door, a megaphoned voice from a hovering police helicopter barked the Dictator’s instructions to close the door and  go home.

In the meantime, parliamentary democracy and responsible government have ceased to function. The Prime Minister has given each premier a blank lockdown-border-closure cheque and hang the Constitution.

The closing down of the NSW construction industry, costing so far $1.4 billion, was according to the Chief Medical Officer Dr Chant done without her ‘health’ advice. It seems to have been effected by Minister Hazzard presumably doing the Premier’s bidding. He just signed  an order and put it in the Gazette. He could just as well have ordered everyone home and the doors welded shut.

There was a time when such a decision, taking the form of subordinate legislation, would have gone first to the Cabinet, and then the Governor in Executive Council with a full briefing including any medical and legal advice.

That is not all.

It would then have been immediately tabled in both Houses of Parliament to allow debate and a possible motion of disallowance. If that were passed in either House, the construction industry would have survived and $1.4 billion not gone down the drain.

That is how responsible government operated when Australia was a democracy.

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