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Wham, bam, thank you Dan! Welcome to Lockdown VI

5 August 2021

5:08 PM

5 August 2021

5:08 PM

Victorians are about to plunge into Lockdown VI. Lockdowns are like The Fast and the Furious series of films. The first one wasn’t much — and they’ve only gone downhill from there.

Only six new cases of locally acquired coronavirus in the 24 hours to midday have been reported by VicHealth. There are only 80 cases in the state.

Yet Chairman Dan has ordered all of Victoria back into the Fortress of Fudge (AKA Ring of Steel). He’ll stand on the ramparts and point to Sydney and Canberra and rant and rave about the pestillence they’ve spread.

It could be said that this is nothing but political panic.

The truth, however, is worse. It’s destroying the village in order to save it.

Daniel Andrews — like politicians of all colours across the land — is terrified of having deaths on his hands. He’s way out in front, remember, given the 800 bodies that piled up thanks to the incompetence and negligence of his hotel quarantine policy. That means he’s particularly touchy.

So it’s bugger jobs, bugger business — small business and the self-employed and other people who don’t belong to unions — and rush straight into lockdown.

Yet thanks to the utter incompetence and uselessness of state opposition leader Michael O’Brien, shadow treasurer Louise Staley, the irritating dog that just can’s stop yapping, Tim Smith and most of their colleagues (plus a few million of taxpayers’ money spent on party political research by the Chairman) the residents of Victorian are still unlikely to say at the next election “Bugger Dan”.


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