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You want to talk about female oppression? Talk about Afghanistan

16 August 2021

4:05 PM

16 August 2021

4:05 PM

You don’t need to be a foreign policy expert to take one look at the heartbreaking developments in Afghanistan and feel an all-consuming cold shudder of fear.

A massive, heartbreaking humanitarian crisis is unfolding, and none of us have forgotten how horrifically brutal the 1996-2001 Taliban regime was.

Women and girls were denied education, denied employment, forced to wear the burqa, even forbidden from leaving home without a male guardian. 

And worse.

Much, much worse.

It’s been said they were treated no better than cattle.

And now?

Since American and NATO forces withdrew from the region in July, the Taliban have taken control of large parts of the country. 

The president has now fled.

The government has fallen. 

And as they’ve made advances, the Taliban has simultaneously intensified their violence. 

For Afghan women, these developments are beyond terrifying.

It’s been reported that in early July, an order was issued to local religious leaders to provide them with a list of girls over the age of 15 and widows under the age of 45 for marriage with Taliban fighters. 

Offering wives in this way is part of the strategic recruitment process the Taliban uses to lure militants to join.

Through forced marriages, women and girls will be taken to Pakistan to be re-educated and converted to what is called “authentic Islam”. 

What we’re talking about here is sexual slavery.

You want to talk about “toxic masculinity”? 


This is real oppression. 

is radical, re-oppression. 

This is hideous, awful, absolutely heartbreaking suffering.

Where the hell is the sisterhood?

All those cupcake feminists sitting in pleasantly chilly air-conditioned offices, wearing red flashy stilettoes today brainstorming about agendas and quotas for already privileged women in Australia should feel ashamed today. 

The lies feminism tells women in this country are outrageous.

In Afghanistan, women are now fearful for their lives as they watch two decades of progress crumble before their own eyes. 

This is what true feminist organisations should always have been focusing on. 

The lies from Afghanistan have been leaking for years, but ignored by elitist, privilege, exhibitionist feminists who are more interested in securing plush government grants or promoting their latest blah blah book wailing about “toxic masculinity” or “how luvvies love”. 

There have been reports for years that money raised in the name of advancing women and girls in Afghanistan was nothing more than a cover for corruption.

It reminds me so blatantly of the domestic violence industry in the Western World which has become a bloated cash cow, gobbling up cash while pretending to advance opportunities while trashing and defaming the entire male gender. 

All wars have lies that lubricate them.

Our war on exhibitionist feminism should be raging right now.

And where are the feminists? 


They’re too busy knocking “SloMo” for his action on climate change.

They’re occupied bashing Barnaby Joyce. 

They’re merrily obsessing about conservative commentators.

They’re too busy, basically, advancing their own leftist agenda on social media to care about the very women who need them most.

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