California recall candidate Larry Elder gets egged

10 September 2021

12:23 PM

10 September 2021

12:23 PM

Absent from most headlines on Wednesday was the egging of California recall candidate Larry Elder during a trip to the cockroach-infested district of Venice Beach in LA.

Less than a week before Californians decide whether or not to sack Gov. Gavin Newsom, Elder’s campaign thought it would be a great PR opportunity for the candidate to tour the homeless cesspool of Venice on Wednesday. The visit started with a warm boomer welcome from supporters outside a Gold’s Gym as Elder stepped off his black-and-red campaign bus.

Things took an unexpected turn when a large group of wet-brained granola munchers and resident crackheads confronted Elder and his convoy as they made their way through Sunset Avenue’s dilapidated neighborhood. ‘Get the hell out of here,’ along with other creative profanities, greeted a stone-faced Elder as he walked with hands crossed down the street. A woman wearing a gorilla mask with pink hair threw an egg at Elder, forcing the radio host to flee the scene. The same woman and a junkie took swings at a staffer, and the campaign later claimed the group had fired a pellet gun at them.

‘Today I kicked off the Recall Express bus tour,’ Elder said in a Wednesday evening tweet. ‘Before we even left Los Angeles, my security detail was physically assaulted, shot with a pellet gun, and hit with projectiles. The intolerant left will not stop us. We will recall Gavin Newsom. We will save California.’ The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the altercation, but no charges have been filed, a police spokesperson announced Thursday.

The Little Rock Nine ‘Scream Image’ captures a hateful moment in time. It shows a white woman with teeth bared like a jackal screaming at a young black woman making her way into a high school. The picture has become synonymous with the end of segregation in the south. Self-hating white people, in the modern day, often use this picture to push the narrative that evil white Americans carry on the torch of systemic racism. The most recent example was during the Covington Catholic High School incident between Nicholas Sandmann and Nathan Phillips, an American Indian activist. The manipulated coverage of a group of white children sporting MAGA hats harassing an oppressed person of color invoked the self-hatred inside every American liberal. Blue checks on Twitter garnered thousands of likes and retweets by posting the two images side by side. Prove you hate your grandparents or die, racist!

Curiously, the same liberal news outlets and personalities were silent after the assault on Elder. That’s because he’s the wrong black person; he’s the ‘black face of white supremacy.’ Elder doesn’t engage in the masochistic racial humiliation kink that every white liberal openly loves. He doesn’t call their ancestors scum and spank them for his own shortcomings. He blames the rise of crime in black communities on the degradation of the family and church, not on systematic racism or America’s founders. He mentored Trump’s immigration czar Stephen Miller.

Quietly, and sometimes not so quietly, the left cheers on Elder’s assault, because if fewer black people talk like him, the humiliation session never ends. If Elder pulls off an unlikely victory over Newsom on September 14, a mentally ill opposition will await him.

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