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Indefinite detention is the Australian way, Mr Littleproud?

26 September 2021

1:39 PM

26 September 2021

1:39 PM

And the Julia Gillard Award for Hyperbole (pronounced hyperbowl) goes to Federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud. He believes the Melbourne protestors should all be jailed — indefinitely, apparently.

Over to The Australian for the full gory details:

Federal cabinet minister David Littleproud has called for Melbourne’s anti-lockdown protesters to be jailed, labelling them “society scum.”

Police made 94 arrests as anti-lockdown activists staged a disorganised and disjointed protest in and around Melbourne, with most meeting outside Luna Park and marching through the streets of St Kilda.

Speaking to Sky News, Mr Littleproud said protesters “did not deserve to live in society freely.”

“They should be forced into isolation at Her Majesty’s pleasure. Police do not need that. Innocent being caught up in that – it is abhorrent. That is not Australian,” he said.

“I support anyone who wants to protest, but once they step over that line and start going into violence, they start destroying our monuments to those that have protected our freedoms … they don’t deserve to be walking free in society.”

Football, meat pies, kangaroos and lock ’em up. What could be more Australian, hey Mr Littleproud? You do realise that “at Her Majesty’s pleasure” means indefinitely?

Perhaps the obscure Queenslander got so overexcited at the thought he was appearing on something other than ABC regional radio he forgot himself?

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