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Let’s declare war on the USA!

It worked for the Taliban

11 September 2021

9:00 AM

11 September 2021

9:00 AM

Our politicians’ latest silver bullet, near-universal vaccination, may well have a serious unintended consequence which we shall all regret. And given that in normal years the flu can sometimes kill over 1,000 people, why don’t the media during each flu epidemic also breathlessly report on how many people in each suburb have contracted influenza each day? So why is the news today filled with non-news? Is it to support the reigning brigade of tinpot dictators who wield power so capriciously?

In the meantime, it seems we were misled about the supposed labour market recovery. According to the Australian’s Patrick Commins, there are now 75 per cent more people on the dole  than unemployed according to ABS statistics. At the same time, workers are quietly being brought in from abroad to collect the harvest.

The reason so many are on the dole is because the tinpots have unnecessarily closed their jobs down, meekly underwritten by Scott Morrison’s and Josh Frydenberg’s generosity with the young Australians’ money.

The novel and the 1959 film The Mouse That Roared is curiously timely for any consideration of the most serious  event of this time, Joe Biden’s disgraceful surrender to the Taliban. An obscure country in economic ruin, the Duchy of Grand Fenwick, declares war on the United States. They know that whenever the US is victorious, unlike most other great powers, they neither annex nor ravage the defeated country. Instead, they hand over vast amounts of aid to the defeated. The Taliban are a sinister and evil version of Grand Fenwick. Twenty years after 9/11, they have gained the strategically crucial Bagram air-base and $85 billion of the world’s most advanced weaponry. It seems Mr Frydenberg could pay for whatever new financial folly is on his list by declaring war on the USA.

Seriously, Biden’s continuing betrayal of the United States has exposed the perilously fundamental state we are in today, something which is being ignored because of a media obsession with Wuhan virus statistics.

The real news is we are probably in a militarily weaker state today than in 1941 when against Churchill’s orders, Percival unwisely surrendered Singapore to a significantly numerically inferior force. It wasn’t, as Paul Keating claimed, that the British had abandoned us. They’d already sent a fleet and they continued fighting in Burma and India and on the seas to such a significant extent that the Supreme Commander in South-east Asia was British, Lord Mountbatten.

The sinister Beijing-Moscow-Tehran Axis has Biden’s measure. Beijing is eyeing Taiwan, Russia the Ukraine and Iran Israel. Beijing already enjoys ownership and control of too many of our premium and strategic assets to see invasion as necessary. But as we clearly do not pay enough respect to Beijing, the Emperor has decided to increase punishing us economically with plans now to reduce their dependence on our iron ore.

Against these fundamental problems for this country, the tinpot brigade  remains dependent for their relevance on terrorising the populace over the Wuhan virus with which we should now be co-existing. And it’s not that they can offer us good government. In New South Wales, which is typical, the government cannot be trusted to buy trains which fit into tunnels or platforms, or ferries which fit under bridges. Worse, all governments have surrendered the schools to Marxist control and made building dams the equivalent of a high crime.

As to the virus, it has to be repeated over and over, that our low death rate results not from the gyrations of the tinpots but our geographic isolation. Closing the international borders, which had not been properly effected even in February last year when I flew home, gave us sufficient time to assess the disease.

It was soon clear that the virus did not seriously affect most people. So all that was needed was to protect the vulnerable. Lockdowns were unnecessary and undesirable from the beginning.

So is the politicians’ latest silver bullet, near universal vaccination. Vaccination should be reserved for the vulnerable and those who want it.

Dr Robert Malone is an American virologist and immunologist who played a significant role in developing mRNA vaccines. He warned in a recent American Thought Leaders interview, supported by scientific references, that because of the constant mutation of the virus, mass vaccination could have a similar effect to the excessive use of antibiotics. It could produce a superbug. In addition, Malone dares ask why the near-hysteria in ruling out resort to low-cost early treatment such as ivermectin, even the threat of loss of the right to practise for those highly qualified professionals who dare dissent.

He further asks why there has been no high-powered study of their efficacy and notes the obviously self-interested opposition he has actually witnessed from Big Pharmacy to such a study. Little wonder then that there is a campaign against him personally.

In the meantime, the tinpot brigade has set aside all of the checks and balances which normally apply in our Commonwealth, substituting them for dictatorial decree. We even have police bosses earning around twelve thousand dollars per week with a pension of nine thousand threatening poor Australians with fines of many thousands for trivial offences.

Much of this is unlawful or offends the fundamental constitutional system under which Australians long ago agreed to be governed.

The federal government has rolled over in the face of what must now be unconstitutional state border closures. The Crown’s role has been sidelined, Parliament neutered. The sad fact is that Australia is no longer operating under the safeguards essential to democratic constitutional government which our predecessors bequeathed to us and risked or in many instances gave their lives to defend.

It’s time to end the rule of these tinpot dictators.

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