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Locked out

The Spirit of Australia is no longer welcome in its homeland

11 September 2021

9:00 AM

11 September 2021

9:00 AM

It was a Father’s Day to forget for many Australians. More than half are locked in their home, the rest are locked in their states. On the New South Wales-Queensland border, hundreds of dads greeted their wives and children across a plastic barrier Berlin Wall.

The nation’s leaders cheered up their captives in diverse ways. In the Hermit State of Western Australia, the Labor party circulated an electronic card so the grateful hoi polloi could send good wishes to the Dear Leader, Mark MacGow-un. In Victoria, Dan Un-drews shared a stark, poorly lit black and white photo of himself enjoying time with his family, matching the mood of the prison over which he presides.

On Monday, Andrews announced that when Victoria finally reopens it will have a ‘vaccinated’ economy and the unvaccinated will be ‘locked out’ because of the danger they pose ‘roaming around the place spreading the virus’. It might be worth it if the unvaccinated could be exempted from the vax tax that will inevitably be imposed to pay for the ‘lockdown, vaccinate, re-open’ strategy which has cost Australians more than half a trillion dollars.

Andrews obviously missed the report from Public Health England which shows that in August, 80 per cent of cases, 73 per cent of hospitalisations and 68 per cent of deaths were in fully vaccinated people. The data from Israel shows that the Pfizer vaccine provides protection to the individual, but it has dwindled to 40 per cent or less and 64 per cent of people who died had had one, two or three vaccine shots. And that’s without adjusting for the fact that the unvaccinated include the frail elderly too unwell to be jabbed and many poorer people with worse health but does not include those who are unvaccinated but recovered. On the other hand the Israeli vaccinated include those who recovered but were vaccinated anyway. As for vaccinations reducing transmission, cases are higher in Israel now than at any point during the pandemic.

Unencumbered by evidence, Andrews wants to ‘protect the health system’, by locking out the unvaccinated from venues, sporting events and pubs, but taking no account of whether they have acquired immunity through infection or have a low risk of being hospitalised. Almost 90 per cent of people recover from Covid at home and overwhelmingly those at risk of serious illness are elderly, have comorbidities or are obese.

In this, Andrews is not alone. All states and the federal government have backed vaccine passes, and state or employer-mandated vaccinations. This is extraordinary considering one of the listed potential ‘side’ effects of the vaccine is death or serious injury. Already in Australia,125 people have been hospitalised for blood clots with low platelets, with 36 treated in ICU and three still there, 16 still in hospital, and eight dead. Another 61 people have suffered low platelets which can lead to dangerous bleeding and one has died. Some 99 people have suffered Guillain-Barré syndrome which can lead to fatal paralysis and 293 people, including nine teenagers, have suffered myocarditis or pericarditis, which permanently damage the heart. Ordinarily, an employer inflicting so much death and injury would be on trial for manslaughter.

Yet this is just the tip of the iceberg. There have been 486 deaths and 55,000 adverse events reported in Australia, many extremely serious. The regulator says it thinks they are unrelated to the vaccine but many of the victims beg to differ. They include 19-year-old university student Michelle Georges, who collapsed the day after her first jab and has been confined to a wheelchair for months, unable to walk and convulsed by tremors. The doctors and neurologists she saw attempted to dismiss her paralysis as unrelated to the vaccine even though identical neurological injuries have been repeatedly reported around the world. ‘NSW Health has even contacted me to get my second dose, which I obviously refused’, she wrote.

Tellingly, all the vaccine injuries cluster into the same categories. The US database includes almost 14,000 deaths, 57,000 hospitalisations, 5,222 reports of myocarditis or pericarditis, almost 18,100 people permanently disabled, 2,870 reports of blood clots with low platelets, over 7,500 reports of shingles, more than 4,800 reports of Bell’s palsy, more than 6,200 heart attacks and 1,700 miscarriages. It is the same story with the EU database which has recorded 23,252 deaths and 2,189,537 injuries.

Ironically, the progressive champions of the #MeToo movement, have turned a deaf ear. In April, Facebook removed a page set up by vaccine victims and families which had over 120,000 followers. Websites have been rebuilt with names like ‘No more silence – telling our stories’.

Are all these injuries just a ‘coincideath’ or is there a plausible link? Patrick Whelan, Associate Clinical Professor of Paediatrics at UCLA warned the US Food and Drug Administration in December last year of the potential of the spike proteins in vaccines to cause microvascular injury to the brain, heart, liver and kidneys in ‘ways that were not assessed in the safety trials’ adding that ‘it would be vastly worse if hundreds of millions of people were to suffer long-lasting or even permanent damage to their brain or heart microvasculature as a result of failing to appreciate in the short-term an unintended effect of full-length spike protein-based vaccines on other organs’. He was ignored. Dozens of studies now confirm the pathogenic nature of the spike.

The similarities between vaccine and Covid injuries are obvious but regulatory authorities simply claim that the damage Covid does is worse. This is madness. Injecting a toxic spike protein into healthy people, who were at minimal risk from the virus, bypasses their normal immune defences in the nose and throat, exposing them to potentially deadly side effects.

The Times of Israel wrote this week that with over two billion people vaccinated against Covid, Israeli researchers are now trying to learn if mRNA vaccines are dangerous long-term. Isn’t that a bit late?

As he prepared to be terminated for not submitting to the airline’s ‘no jab, no job’ policy, Qantas pilot Captain Graham Hood recorded a farewell message with a new version of the company’s theme song. ‘Can’t go to cities cause they’re all locked down, I can’t hug my grandkids, they’re in the next town, And even with my mask on you can still see me frown, I still call Australia home’. If Captain Hood is forced to leave Qantas, the Spirit of Australia will go with him, locked out of a land where it is no longer welcome.

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