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Under the scorpion

It’s in his nature

4 September 2021

9:00 AM

4 September 2021

9:00 AM

Is the President of the United States completely incompetent or in serious cognitive decline? Or is something even worse?

After a career of plagiarism, lying and opportunism and of no achievement but gaining office, it is not surprising that he would blame someone else for his surrender to the absolute control of the bloodthirsty uncivilised Taliban a country cleansed of being a terrorist base, while abandoning not only the crucial Bagram air base with its prison jammed with terrorists, $85 billion dollars’ worth of the latest weapons but also a large number of Americans and loyal Afghan allies.

His claim that he was locked in by President Trump is as much a lie as his claim there was no Al-Qaeda functioning in Afghanistan nor was there any obstacle for Americans in getting to the airport. Biden had shown no similar constraint by any of Trump’s other foreign policy arrangements, neither on global warming nor curbing illegal immigration. And as Associated Press (no friend of Trump) reveals, his predecessor’s carefully worded agreement with the Taliban contained generous escape clauses. In particular,  the US could withdraw if peace talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government failed or if the Taliban showed evidence of bad faith —they did both, but Biden chose to stay in .

Add the fact that Trump had put the fear of hell into the Taliban by warning what he would do if they stepped out of line. They had seen how he had destroyed the Isis caliphate which was predicted to last for the century. They had also seen how the Russians, Chinese, Iranian Mullahs and North Koreans were wary of crossing him in a way they were not of his predecessors. And when he moved the embassy to Jerusalem, the mainstream media predicted another Intifada. There was none; Hamas and Hezbollah swallowed their pride. They knew the consequences.

While Trump was like Reagan,  feared by the enemies of freedom, there is nothing significant that Biden has done as president which has not been against the interests of the United States and of the free world.

Biden will be remembered as vice president for that extraordinary scene where he arrogantly and unwisely boasted of issuing an ultimatum that aid would be withdrawn if a Ukrainian prosecutor, one who was investigating improper transactions in which his son was involved, were not dismissed. The sad fact is that the American mainstream media are so corrupt they suppressed this instead of investigating such appalling behaviour especially when he was seeking the presidency.

This incident was but one facet only of Family Biden, an entity long involved in the sale of access and influence into the very heart of Washington. All this was well known and yet Biden remained the preferred candidate not only of the US but also the Australian and other mainstream media. This cannot be excused by the fact that these media practitioners are suffering from some irrational hatred of Trump.

And now it is being reported that Biden has even approved lists ofAmericans and Afghans to be given to the Taliban to let them through to the airport. Then when thirteen Americans were killed in a suicide bombing at Kabul airport, he laughed and joked with reporters. Something is wrong, very wrong.

According to the old fable about the frog and the scorpion, a frog agrees to carry the scorpion, who cannot swim, on his back to cross the river. But halfway across the scorpion stings the frog. ‘Why did you do that?’ cries the dying frog. ‘Now we’ll both die.’ The scorpion replies, ‘I couldn’t help it. It’s in my nature’.

No wonder then that the former British commander in Iraq, Colonel Kemp, says Biden should be court-martialled. Kemp of course knows of the opinion which argues a president, while in office, is only amenable to impeachment. What the Colonel is saying is that the sin that Biden has committed is even worse than an impeachable offence, betrayal of his his role as Commander-in-Chief.

It’s in his nature.

Despite Biden’s behaviour undoubtedly constituting an impeachable offence, the political fact is the House as presently constituted is most unlikely to initiate this. But after the mid-term elections the new House may well be so inclined. In addition, under the 25th Amendment, the Vice President and a cabinet majority could even now declare Biden unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office. During such inability, Kamala Harris would assume his powers, a hardly comforting alternative .

If the mid-term elections are conducted with integrity, that is under rules consistent with the Constitution and with those minimal standards of integrity the State Department has long insisted third world countries rigorously observe, and provided certain Supreme Court justices regain the courage which should go with the office, it is likely that the Democrats will lose control of both houses. It is however unlikely the mainstream media will behave as a free and responsible press. They will surely suppress the truth and lie to keep Biden in office. That’s in their nature.

In the meantime, Biden’s behaviour has everywhere unleashed those hostile to freedom. But as Senator Molan warned even before this, the leaked results of US wargames concerning Taiwan are not encouraging. Despite promises, the Obama-Biden administration abandoned the Ukraine and were not supportive of Israel, while Jimmy Carter pulled the rug from under the Shah.

Yet as General Molan told 2GB’s Michael McLaren, our defence strategy for each of the last 75 years has been to see no threat for 10 years, underspend on defence, support the Americans and hope they’ll protect us. However brave and capable our defence forces are, they are not lethal, big or sustainable enough. Without fuel, water manufacturing security, we could only survive for weeks or even days.

If ever this ever were an adequate defence policy, in the Biden era it is no longer.

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