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Daniel Andrews and Victorian Labor: devious, dangerous and duplicitous

15 October 2021

4:00 AM

15 October 2021

4:00 AM

Victorian taxpayers are supposed to believe the Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, is pure as the driven snow.

We are supposed to believe the health and economic well-being of all Victorians is what drives him.

We are compelled to believe he is speaking the truth when he opens his mouth.

The problem with all this is that facts speak louder than the Premier’s words.

The facts facing Victoria today are ugly.  So, so ugly.   

The Victorian Government’s calamitous Covid response has eclipsed, on the downside, every state and territory by the number of deaths, active Covid cases, total of unvaccinated people, and by the jaw-dropping inadequacies of the State’s public hospital system to cope with rising numbers of cases.

On the latest figures, after 248 days in lockdown, Victoria exceeded 20,000 active cases (20,505 on October 14). Even more shockingly 934 people have lost their lives in the state, just under twice the number in New South Wales of 502. Nationally, 1,448 people are no longer alive as a direct result of the pandemic — with Victoria accounting for roughly two-thirds of that ghastly tally.

What do Victorians get from the government which has masterminded this miserable and worsening response? We get a pitiable, pathetic, utterly insincere “sorry” from whichever minister is wheeled out to face a largely compliant media day after tragic day.

So so bereft, so so clueless (those still listening to Daniel will know he loves to sound sincere by saying “so, so”) is the Andrews Government as to what precisely to do that it simply falls back on Andrews and Mogadon Foley ducking and weaving around the facts to have us focus on when lockdowns may end.  Let no one forget that more vulnerable people in Victoria will not see Christmas as a direct result of the shambolic, gross incompetence of the government that Andrews leads.

We rightly ought to praise the heroic public health men and women — nurses, doctors, specialists, para-medics, in-field and support staff — who have risked their own lives in order to make advances in health care for Covid sufferers. They have truly made a difference in a sea of indifference from Spring Street.

Ought we be surprised by public sector, bureaucratic incompetence on this scale? No. More than fifty charges over the bungled and ultimately lethal hotel quarantine debacle have been levelled by one arm of government against the health bureaucracy and we — the taxpayers — are expected to pick up the tab for this. This is but one small example of the ludicrously inept, debt-laden outfit taxpayers here are supporting.

Andrews seeks our understanding and our support as the under-funded, over staffed, woke-infused health system crumbles before us. But that’s not all that’s rotten in Victoria – easily Australia’s most unionised state.

The ALP itself is rotten.  

Thanks to the so-called Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission — IBAC — Victorians have been subjected to  a week of sleazy, stinking evidence from those in the bowels of the Victorian Division of the Labor Party about branch stacking, misuse of taxpayer money, stand over-tactics and grotesque behaviour toward young staff members.  

Andrews won’t comment on the hearings as he reckons it’s a legal matter. This is bunkum. It is not (yet) a legal matter and there are no barriers preventing the Premier who holds his high paid position courtesy of the Labor machine from making observations about the staggeringly disgraceful conduct of people he knows and who hold office. In due course, the material given daylight in IBAC could form the basis for prosecution — and let us fervently hope it does. 

Victorians have every right to be disgusted with the government, the bureaucracy it sits above and with its discredited, unworthy leader.   

Who can say whether Victoria has endured worse public administrations than the incumbents — but let’s be sure of this.  Not a single administration in the history of the state has presided over the needless deaths of so many, in such a short time, as a direct result of their own appalling decision making.

Andrews — the great manipulator in chief — has forfeited any right to our attention, time or trust.  

This man, these ministers, this pitiful government have outed themselves as utterly incapable of the standards of governance expected of all public and private organisations in 2021.

Devious, dangerous and duplicitous sum up the shameful mob with their hands on the levers at Spring Street presently.  

No longer does the Victorian government deserve our respect or our vote. It will have neither at the next election due a little over a year from now on November 26, 2022.

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