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Go to gaol, not to Glasgow

Feeling betrayed? You have been.

30 October 2021

9:00 AM

30 October 2021

9:00 AM

They could land in gaol and pay massive fines and damages if the elites dared use those shyster claims about ‘net zero’ to pump up a share prospectus.

The law has long sought to protect investors from confidence men. It is surely time Australians were protected from the ruin the elites would visit on the nation to achieve, as the Chief Scientist  concedes,‘virtually nothing’.

All they will achieve is a vast increase in the wealth of Beijing’s genocidal communist billionaires and their clients here.

When global warming stalled, the elites changed the name of their discredited theory by deceitfully purloining the name of an entirely natural phenomenon, ‘climate change’. Do they really think people are too stupid to notice this manipulation?

For over two decades the politicians and other elites have betrayed the Australian people to Beijing, just as their class has done in America and Europe.

That is why they were united on one thing in American politics. Donald Trump had to go, by hook or by crook.

Why? The answer is self-evident. It was because he was the one Western leader with the strength, moral conviction and character to stand up to and turn back the communists.

Fully informed about the criminal advantages the Chinese communist economy enjoys – workers without rights, slave labour, and abuse of the environment – the elites have long been prepared  to sacrifice workers’ jobs and hand over domestic manufacturing. They became accessories after the fact to the communists’ inevitable breaches of trade law and their outrageous theft of intellectual property.

In Australia, the elites even allowed the acquisition by controlled entities of a string of premium and even strategic assets, while tolerating and indeed encouraging the consequential enrichment of former politicians and other elites.

In the meantime, relying on the fabrication that the ‘science is settled’ and to cover up the energy disaster he has visited on the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson is reduced to pleading, ‘We have to listen to the scientists’.

He should go to the ‘people for scientific integrity’ site. Demanding Scott Morrison not go to Glasgow, the site links to a series of sites where thousands and thousands of self-identified scientists bravely doubt global warming.

And now, to persuade Australians to go along with the elites’ ultimate betrayal – net zero – we are being fed with the tallest of stories which, if used to sell shares, would land them all in gaol.

Take hydrogen.

Billionaire ‘Twiggy’ Forrest spruiks this and the New South Wales government instantly awards $3 billion extracted from hardworking taxpayers to what Ian Levy of Bermagui quipped, in a letter to the Australian, is ‘the fuel of the future – and always will be’.

Hydrogen cannot be used as an alternative source of energy.

And if Mr Forrest believes Australian can become a ‘hydrogen superpower’, let him invest his own billions.

Then there is the feigned fear of the blackmailed threat from some EU or other apparatchik of punishing tariffs on our exports if we don’t conform to their proven idiocy. Instead of pointing out we will fight such a flagrant breach of international trade law, our politicians prefer to roll over meekly.

As they do when banking executives start playing politics. Instead, the politicians should just amend the law to provide that no public corporation should be allowed to play politics without the approval of a special majority at an AGM. They should also warn any bank that if their licence is not already in jeopardy, a rival people’s bank could well be set up.

Nor is coal the dying industry the elites claim it is. In fact, coal prices are going through the roof. And while our banker-politicians try to undermine this industry, Asian banks are already stepping in to fill the void.

Let’s make one thing clear. The elites are neither more intelligent, better-informed, nor better predictors of the future than the ordinary Australian. And if they have as much common sense, they are certainly not showing it.

Apart from making Australia’s farmers bear a disproportionate share of the cost of reducing CO2 emissions, the politicians have already done enormous damage to Australia in substituting one of the world’s cheapest and most reliable electricity systems with one of the most expensive and increasingly unreliable.

And while the communists are dramatically increasing the number of their coal-fired power stations, our treacherous politicians have closed a dozen of ours. They’ve wasted close to $30 billion on mainly communist Chinese so-called  ‘renewables’.

Scientist David Archibald gives as one example: solar PV panels made in China using coal power at US$0.04 per kWh but used to produce electricity here costing US$0.20 per kWh plus the costs incurred in damage to the grid and in their eventual disposal.

As the Prime Minister betrays those who elected him, he is spectacularly failing to come clean to the Australian people who should be properly informed as to the facts and not the fantasies of the momentous decision he is imposing without parliamentary approval.

Just as with him and the power-hungry premiers over the Wuhan virus, the case for each and every decision imposed, however massive and however damaging, is treated as a state secret. We are told nothing. Kenneth Schultz has calculated that to achieve net zero, 354 wind turbines and 18,000 solar rooftop systems will have to be installed and 67 solar farms established in each and every month – every month! – from 2022 until 2050 at a cost of $1.13 trillion.

What the people need before they (and not the duplicitous elites) decide whether or not to embrace the fantasy of net zero, are the facts.

Facts, not the ubiquitous modelling which the great mathematician Professor Box has famously declared to be ‘always wrong’.

Could there ever be a better example of the overwhelming need to allow the full participation of the people in the governance of this country?

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