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Here comes Perrottet, here comes the sectarian bigotry

4 October 2021

11:17 AM

4 October 2021

11:17 AM

Forty days and 40 nights? Alas, it appears that the downpour of sectarian bigotry that’s begun as it become clearer and clearer Dominic Perrottet will be the next premier of New South Wales is likely to last much longer.

As might be expected, The Sydney Morning Herald has distinguished itself with the sheer shrillness and silliness in its exercise in intolerance — all in the name of tolerance, you understand — this morning.

NSW, it says, “must do better” than have a Catholic in the job.

If it’s going to be consistent no doubt the SMH will also insist that other Catholic leader, Joe Biden, stand down, but we’re not holding our breath.

And according to the most recently available census data, the second most common response for religion in Australia after “no religion” was “Catholic”. Nearly 60 per cent of us declared we were Christians.

The haters gonna hate — but statistically, they’re fighting against the odds.

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