Liz Cheney, pioneer girl

27 October 2021

1:02 PM

27 October 2021

1:02 PM

Cowboy State Daily reports that Liz Cheney’s House campaign has so far hauled in $5 million in donations this year, some millions more than in Cheney’s previous run to keep her seat in 2020. According to CSD, 6 percent of itemized individual donations were made by people listing Wyoming addresses, compared with nearly 27 percent in the previous cycle.

Since Wyomingites have so far contributed nearly $177,000 so far this year to Cheney, as compared with $134, 850 at the same point in the campaign as a year ago, it seems that either past Republican donors in the state are giving more, or that anti-Trump Democrats are contributing this time round, or both. Nevertheless, the major source of Cheney’s financial support is the Great Task PAC formed in August to keep her in office. (The military-sounding name makes one wonder from which direction the invading army plans to attack us. The obvious answer is the Northwest, where Jackson sits.)

In 2020 the Cheney campaign raised most of its funds from Wyoming citizens. This year, as reported by CSD, owing to the new PAC it is receiving money from donors in other states, prominent among them Virginia, New York, California and Florida, and from many famously wealthy communities within these states, including Manhattan’s Upper East Side, the Hamptons, Beverly Hills and Atherton, California.

Since most of what is being brought in by the Cheney campaign through the PAC comes from retirees, it is reasonable to suppose that many of these people have summer houses in all the “best” Wyoming towns, which also happen to be the state’s most liberal — and anti-Trump, and pro-Cheney — ones.

You have to wonder whether it is right that out-of-state liberals can have such an influence. The large majority of them have no interest in Wyoming except as a seasonal playground, and none at all in in its native and year-round inhabitants who make their often-precarious living here (the description fits Liz to a “T”, by the way), preferring that they and Deplorables like them should disappear from the face of the earth, or at least that part of it that is American soil.

Traveling in the Rocky Mountain states, the sympathetically inquisitive traveler hears the same complaint everywhere these days, as I did last summer. Liberals across the country, having ruined their home states and cities with their radical ideas, social policies and ways of life; their refusal to enforce law and decency in everything; and made life for everyone there ( including themselves) a living bloody hell, are now abandoning the dystopias they created and heading our way to foul our nests and our lives the way they did their own — and increase our property and other taxes to do it.

Once here, they will raise tax rates to levels unaffordable by the natives who will be forced sell up and move out, leaving millions of acres of natural playground to the invaders. These will proceed to appropriate the choicest agricultural and range land to themselves for hobby ranches, shut down the coal mines and oil and gas fields, send progressive politicians to represent them in Washington, DC, and invite all their friends in from the Coasts and from Europe to buy gilted shares in God’s Paradise.

No wonder that — Trump apart from it all — they want to buy victory next year for Liz Cheney, the Wyoming cowgirl who is pioneering the way from them and showing them how to do it.

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